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27 November 2008

th20081127_1st_inspection_01.jpg th20081127_1st_inspection_02.jpg th20081127_1st_inspection_03.jpg th20081127_1st_inspection_04.jpg th20081127_1st_inspection_05.jpg th20081127_1st_inspection_06.jpg th20081127_1st_inspection_07.jpg
th20081127_1st_inspection_08.jpg th20081127_1st_inspection_09.jpg th20081127_1st_inspection_10.jpg th20081127_1st_inspection_11.jpg th20081127_1st_inspection_12.jpg th20081127_anglia_13.jpg th20081127_anglia_14.jpg

17 December 2008

Because the old Anglia had no seats I started looking for some. Found a cheap mk1 Cortina seat, so I grabbed it. Dunno if it fits or not but we'll find out soon.


19 December 2008

Then the day arrived to pick the old girl up. It was fine and sunny for its first excursion outside in 20 odd years. Graham, Denis and I managed to push her onto the trailer. Good thing she's a lightweight. After an overnight stop at Nicks place she was carted off down the coast. We got all the way to Cambewarra Mtn and then got hit by a storm, so she had a bit of a washdown.

th20081219_anglia_pickup_02.jpg th20081219_anglia_pickup_04.jpg th20081219_anglia_pickup_05.jpg th20081219_anglia_pickup_06.jpg th20081219_anglia_pickup_07.jpg th20081219_anglia_pickup_10.jpg

19 December 2008

And just before Christmas she's all tucked up in the shed. Once all the other junk is out of the way I'll get the 2 cars better organised. Now I need to find some spare time to get down there to go through the boxes and boxes of bits that came with it.

th20081223_anglia_1.jpg th20081223_anglia_4.jpg th20081223_anglia_7.jpg th20081223_anglia_9.jpg

1 January 2009

I had 10 minutes spare so I thought I'd jack her up and whip the front wheels off for a look. I want to take them and get the tyres off so I can get the wheels sand blasted to make sure they're going to be ok to use. It looks beaut up under the guards. There are a couple of spots where it looks like repair panels have been welded in (check out the rhs wheel arch pic). And there is something going on with those floors. They're not standard. Maybe they've been replaced at some stage too.

th20090101_anglia.jpg th20090101_frt_l_1.jpg th20090101_frt_r_2.jpg th20090101_floor_1.jpg th20090101_floor_4.jpg th20090101_under_1.jpg th20090101_under_2.jpg th20090101_under_3.jpg

I love the tyres on it though, and I'm hoping that they're going to be ok to use. They're a matching set of old Bridgestones, but they still have the nobbly bits on them, so are virtually brand new. Fingers crossed the wheels and tyres are all ok to use.

th20090101_tyres_1.jpg th20090101_tyres_3.jpg

4 January 2009

I'm trying to track some details of the car so checked out the compliance plate and old rego label. There is meant to be a chassis number stamped on the rhs strut tower, but there is so much bitumen there everything has been hidden. The number is on the rego label, but I can check if it matches without stripping the strut tower. The logos on the glass is meant to help determine the year of manufacture too, if there is Triplex glass in there. But the logos on this one are a bit different.

th20090104_compliance.jpg th20090104_strut_tower.jpg th20090104_rego_label.jpg th20090104_glass.jpg th20090104_engine.jpg

16 January 2009

Last week and this week I've had a couple of evening spare, so started sorting out the boxes of bits that came with the car. There's plenty of stuff in there, most of which I can work out where it goes, but some bits are going straight into the no idea box. And there is a container of screws and little bits that will take some working out.

But amongst it all is some awesome old period bits. Like the adjustable Spax shocks for the back. I think to fit these I need to convert the rear to turrets rather than the original lever arm type. There is a cool old tacho too, and all the dash and interior fittings are there too. Looks like all the chrome for the exterior is there too. I'll give it a polish and then try and work out where it all goes.

th20090115_bits_1.jpg th20090115_bits_2.jpg th20090115_dash_1.jpg th20090115_tacho.jpg th20090115_lights_1.jpg th20090115_lights_2.jpg th20090115_chrome_1.jpg th20090115_spax_4.jpg th20090115_spax_3.jpg

20 January 2009

I got a couple of the tyres taken off the wheels. They were old tubed ones. They tyre fitter had a hard time getting the tubes out and tyres off. The tubes were stuck inside, and the valves were rusted into the holes. There is a bit of rust around the wheels but they should clean up nicely after a blasting. It turns out they're a 13x6 wheels too. Excellent stuff.

th20090121_wheel_2.jpg th20090121_wheel_2a.jpg th20090121_wheel_3.jpg th20090121_wheel_3a.jpg

3 March 2009

Picked the wheels up today after getting them blasted and then powdercoated. I was hoping for a nice silver colour (like the Holts Silver Wheels rattle can colour) but they came out a bit too grey. They'll have to do for now though. They should look better with a tyre and a polished chrome hub cap on them. And when I'm loaded I can get them redone, or something.

th20090303_wheel_1.jpg th20090303_wheel_2.jpg th20090303_wheel_3.jpg th20090303_wheel_4.jpg

24 July 2009

Not much doing with the old girl. I borrowed some standard wheels and tyres off Baz from the SFCC so now I can move her around the shed. I'm slowly reclaiming some room down there. Hopefully we can move things about and make a start getting paint off. Digging around I found this old page in an envilope. I just gotta see if the bits are there now. I do remember seeing some brackets and things that might be what we need to convert it!

th20090724_anglia_rear_shocks.jpg th20090729_anglia_2.jpg

3 August 2009

I'd posted a pic of the front struts on the forum, and someone saw the sticker on them. It looks like a Koni logo, but says 'Proven'. Roy Rogers, the SFCC president and all knowledgeable about all things Classic Ford and around the Sydney area emailed me the following: "Proven were a mob in Kingsgrove area that sold shocks and strut inserts not sure if they are still around but were very good in there time and often able to help out with hard to get items there company name was Proven Products."


17 August 2009

Sort of a progress report. Seems the only progress I have made is to bury the poor thing deeper under 'stuff'.
Hopefully the new shelves I'm building will get a lot of junk up out of the way and free up some working room.

th20090817_anglia_1.jpg th20090817_anglia_2.jpg

19 October 2012

Well 3 years on, and nill progress. The Anglia is still in the same spot, and has varying amounts of junk on it. Its friends in the shed have come and gone too. First was the red mk1 2-door. It stayed for a while but then had to be sold to make room for the old Laser. The latest is that there is more and more junk piling up on the it. It seems as I pull bits off the orange mk1 they get stored on top of the Anglia.

th20101203_shed_3.jpg th20110605_shed_1.jpg th20120306_shed_mess_6.jpg th20120725-shed-2.jpg th20120813-wheels-2.jpg th20120928-shed-4.jpg

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