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8 December 2007

And then we hit the jackpot. A mate from the ACT Small Ford Club came up with the goods on a new shell (thanks Winton, you're a champ). At least I thought it was just a shell. Turns out it was a complete car. With a 1600 in it. With a 32/36 carb on it. And with all the trimmings too.

Its an excellent shell, very solid in all the important areas. The only issue with rust if the front right guard. The drivers door is a bit dented, but 4 extra (green) doors were chucked in with the sale. I didn't know what to expect of the car, but when we turned up I was just stoked.

Now I just need to find time between building sheds and houses, amusing the baby and keeping the wife happy to actually get some quality time with the new Bandit 2.

th20071208_bandit2_ 006.jpg th20071208_bandit2_ 018.jpg th20071208_bandit2_ 020.jpg th20071208_bandit2_ 021.jpg th20071208_bandit2_ 024.jpg th20071208_bandit2_ 028.jpg
th20071208_bandit2_ 029.jpg th20071208_bandit2_ 030.jpg th20071208_bandit2_ 042.jpg th20071208_bandit2_ 046.jpg th20071208_bandit2_ 053.jpg th20071208_bandit2_ 060.jpg

Some of the bits on it are that good, they coming straight off and being stuck on Betty. Like the rear parcel shelf and screw caps. Probably the original Lucas headlights too. I might even try the front grill on to see what the chrome strips look like.

5 June 2008

Not a lot to report over the last 6 months. Building the house has got in the way of any car building. And because the new big shed is full of house materials there is no room for cars. Its very, very frustrating. But hopefully the Bandit II will at least make it back to Rex's shed some time in the next few weeks. Get it out of the weather at least.

In the meantime I've been collecting bits and pieces that I'll need to get the car track worthy. I've sourced an anti-dive kit, panhard rod, tramp bar kit, some vented and drilled front discs, braided lines, new control arms, a solid steering coupling, 4 speed quick shift.

th20080605_anti_dive.jpg th20080605_tramp_bar.jpg th20080605_brake_disc.jpg th20080605_brake_lines.jpg th20080605_tca.jpg th20080605_steering_couple.jpg th20080605_rack_ends.jpg

For the engine I want to build I've so far got a duplex timing chain, steel front pulley, some .040" bigger 1600 and 1300 pistons (need to see about compression ratios), a steel rocker shaft and spacers and electronic ignition distributor. With all the other engine bits I have floating about I should be able to put some sort of decent 1600 together.

th20080605_timing_chain.jpg th20080605_pulley.jpg th20080605_1300_piston.jpg th20080605_1600_piston.jpg th20080605_elec_ignition.jpg th20080605_weber.jpg

For the inside I've got a sporty steering wheel to go on. I think its a mk2 boss, so might have to pinch the Mk2 column from the blue car. And I've got a spare centre console that I was going to put some extra gauges in. I might have to make a copy, they're getting hard to find in good condition so would be a shame to cut a good one up. I've got a heap of 2" temp, oil pressure, fuel gauges to choose from, so I'll find 3 that work and stick them in.

th20080605_steering_wheel.jpg th20080605_console_2.jpg th20080605_guages.jpg

I also sorted some wheels. I'm going to use some 15" Saab alloys. The PCD is correct, but I need to check the centre bore on the hubs. I'll be using a 195/50 R15 tyre too. The ones I have on now came off my brother in laws Laser and are 205/50 R15, so are a bit tall. Plus they're down to the canvas in a couple of spots, so they're no good.

th20080414_tyres_3.jpg th20080505_mk2_5.jpg th20080505_mk2_6.jpg

20 July 2008

Well only 7 months after I bought it, the Bandit2 is finally home. I spent Saturday morning clearing some space. And on Sunday Steve was good enough to let me use his ute and trailer to get the old girl back from Goulburn to the shed. I've got the original 1300 engine for the old girl there too. So now maybe I can slowly make a start on things. We'll see...

th20080719_before.jpg th20080720_after_1.jpg th20080720_after_2.jpg

17 August 2009

Wow, over 12 months since the last update. That's just depressing. Especially when you see how much progress I have made on it!
All I've done is manage to bury the poor thing under left over building materials and house clutter. Hopefully the shed shelves I'm building will get rid of a lot of the crap in the way.

th20090817_bandit2_1.jpg th20090817_bandit2_2.jpg

18 September 2009

After getting really frustrated at not getting anything done on the car, last night when I went to simply shut the door on the shed I actually got sidetracked. I cleaned up some junk, then pushed the Anglia out into the night, shuffled the Bandit2 over, stuffed the Anglia to the back, then moved the mk1 into pole position. Now with some room around it I might actually be able to do something on it.

th20090918_shed_4.jpg th20090918_shed_8.jpg th20090918_shed_9.jpg

19 September 2009

And today I had some water left over from washing the Laser, so I wheeled old Bandit2 out into the sun and gave it a rough old wash down. After a sweep off to get rid of the layer of dust on it! Then I thought I'd see what a bit of cut and polish would do for it. Came up pretty well I reckon. No concours winner, but will do the job nicely. Gave the rear bumper a rub down with the chrome polish too. It also came up very nicely.

th20090919_bandit2_01.jpg th20090919_bandit2_02.jpg th20090919_bandit2_04.jpg th20090919_bandit2_05.jpg th20090919_bandit2_07.jpg th20090919_bandit2_12.jpg

7 October 2009

The whole car has now been washed and cut & polished. Its come up nicely consideing how it looked before.

th20091003_bandit2_03.jpg th20091003_bandit2_04.jpg th20091003_bandit2_15.jpg

Even though its come up well with a clean, it's nowhere near perfect. But then it doesn't need to be. There are a few areas that will need some work though. The near side front guard should hopefully just need some patching at the front, and a bit of work behind the front wheel. The sills on both sides have been smashed by a jack at some stage. I need to pull the chrome trim off to see the full story behind there. There is a bit of rust in the spare wheel well. And the trickiest bit (I think anyway) is the roof gutters on both sides. There is rust in them and they've separated in spots. Not sure how these bits should be fixed.

th20091003_bandit2_06.jpg th20091003_bandit2_07.jpg th20091003_bandit2_08.jpg th20091003_bandit2_09.jpg th20091003_bandit2_10.jpg th20091003_bandit2_11.jpg th20091003_bandit2_12.jpg th20091003_bandit2_13.jpg

I also got round to all the windows and gave them a clean inside and out. The insides were terrible with some sticky residue on it. Looks much better now though. Had a bt of a poke about the interior too. Swept a bit of junk out of the floors. Soon I'll pull the seats and the old carpet out and give it a good clean and a vacuum. Hopefully there will be no hidden surprises under the old carpet. The seats are shot. Bit annoying really cause the sides and areas that were out of the sun are still nice and soft, but the exposed bits crack as soon as they are touched.

th20091004_bandit2_3.jpg th20091004_bandit2_5.jpg

I've also wet'n'dried the 13x7 steel wheels I got. Hit them with some silver wheel paint. But it was too cold and the paint ran cause I put too much on. Cleaned them up and I'll wait till the weather warms up and give them another go. I sat them next to the car to try and get an idea of what they'd look like. Pretty cool I reckon! I'm hoping to get the wheels that are on the back at the moment widened to 6" so I can have a matching set. These will be the track tyres and hopefully I can have the 15" Saab alloys for every day. Just need to find some spare $'s to buy some tyres.

th20091004_bandit2_7.jpg th20091004_bandit2_8.jpg

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