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2004 - 2005

The pictures on my computer start in 2004. I know we had heaps of other pics, but these must have been in the 'old' days, pre digital cameras.

th20040419-laser-1.jpg th20040419-laser-2.jpg th20040719-snow-1.jpg th20040719-snow-2.jpg th20050110-laser-1.jpg th20050110-laser-2.jpg th20050110-laser-3.jpg th20050521_laser_1.jpg th20050521_laser_2.jpg th20050521_laser_3.jpg th20050521_laser_4.jpg th20050521_laser_5.jpg


Some random pics from 2006. Few trips to Cooma, one through the snow over Brown Mtn to Bega to watch a rally. Some from down at Cambe fixing Pete's E12.

th20060514_1.jpg th20060521_1.jpg th20060528_laser_3.jpg th20060611_snow_4.jpg th20060626_1.jpg th20060813_laser_1.jpg th20060813_laser_2.jpg th20061102_1.jpg th20061216_1.jpg th20061224_1.jpg

2007 - 2008

More running about the place for the Laser. Clocked up 300k km in its travels. We moved from Canberra to Cambewarra, had Talia and started building the house.

th20070126_dam_03.jpg th20070126_dam_04.jpg th20070128_laser_2.jpg th20070527_laser_300k_4.jpg th20070629_laser_05.jpg th20080520_laser.jpg th20080916_laser_ 004.jpg


Among the daily duties I took the Laser up to Marulan for its first track outing. It was a whole lot of fun on the track, like I thought it would be. Had an absolute ball. Lots of dust storms about too. Combined with a bit of rain they make a hell of a mess of everything.

th20090712_laser_betty_1.jpg th20090920_marulan_01.jpg th20090920_marulan_09.jpg th20090920_marulan_pro_18.jpg th20090920_marulan_pro_24.jpg th20090923_dust_03.jpg th20090923_dust_04.jpg th20090923_dust_11.jpg


The Laser took a trip up to Dunedoo with Tal and Maya on the way to Dubbo zoo. And then in August it suffered its first major incident. Trev was bringing it back down from his place after we'd borrowed the Prado, and collected a roo near the fire station. Still drivable, but took a punch in the nose. Got it fixed up under insurance. Then in November she hit another major milestone, clocking up 400k km. What a champion car.

th20110614_057.jpg th20110614_058.jpg th20110803_roo_dent_02.jpg th20110803_roo_dent_06.jpg th20110926_laser_fixed_1.jpg th20110926_laser_fixed_6.jpg th20111115_laser_400k_1.jpg th20111115_laser_400k_5.jpg th20111115_laser_400k_8.jpg


With the new VE wagon taking over daily duties, it was time to retire the old Laser. The HAK073 plates were swapped to the VE and then the rego expired. The Laser was moved to the shed now out of rego. It did come out later in July for another track session at Wakefield Park. I drove it up there on a permit with no plates (no questions were asked along the way). I had swapped the drivers seat for the SAAS one, and put a harness in. The old girl bombed about the track all day, managed 83 laps, and drove me home again. Cracking fun day.

th20120225_022.jpg th20120410_032.jpg th20120415_013.jpg th20120720-laser.jpg th20120723-laser-wakefield-01.jpg th20120725-laser-1.jpg th20120725-laser-seat-4.jpg