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4 May 2013

Best birthday present ever!

Carlyn and I had our combined 40th birthday party on May 4th, exactly halfway between our birthdays. Trev was saying he was bringing the Mustang down, I thought cool, we can go for a drive about during the afternoon. When he gets there he keeps saying 'Open your present' to Carlyn and I. And when we did there was a bunch of papers and a card that said 'We hope you have as much fun in it as we have'. And he hands the keys over to Carlyn. Oh wow, we were totally blown away, and I reckon I was in shock for the rest of the afternoon. Even now when I look in the garage I can't believe that we own a cool as '67 Mustang. Happy days!

th20130504_057.jpg th20130504_064.jpg th20130504_069.jpg th20130504_074.jpg

th20130507_mustang_01.jpg th20130507_mustang_02.jpg th20130507_mustang_03.jpg th20130507_mustang_08.jpg th20130507_mustang_11.jpg 20120620_006.JPG

5 June 2013

Seeing as it was my birthday and the car was a birthday present, I had to take it out for a drive on the day. So a bit of a drive down to Oporto for a chicken burger and back home again. Better than nothing. But it was a beautiful day for a drive, that's for sure.

th20130605_003.JPG th20130605_007.JPG th20130605_012.JPG th20130605_015.JPG

28 July 2013

I stuck a couple of kid seat hooks in the back of the car, and Matt, me, Thomas and Maya took the old girl up to the Hillclimb at Dapto. We stopped off in Berry for coffee and donuts along the way. The kids loved it, and the hillclimb was excellent. And even though I had the camera with me I somehow managed not to take any photos of the Mustang.

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