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7 January 2016

Bought from Batemans Bay. Trev and I took the Prado down to have a look, but decided to buy it.

th20160107_110242.jpg th20160107_185807.jpg

8 January 2016

th20160108_van_01.jpg th20160108_van_02.jpg th20160108_van_03.jpg th20160108_van_04.jpg th20160108_van_06.jpg th20160108_van_10.jpg

9 January 2016

Cleaned out all the stuff that was left in it. There was enough gear that it filled the verandah.

th20160108_van_05.jpg th20160108_van_07.jpg th20160108_van_08.jpg th20160108_van_09.jpg th20160109_115709.jpg th20160109_115739.jpg th20160109_115805.jpg th20160109_115835.jpg th20160109_121444.jpg th20160109_121625.jpg

14 January 2016

We pulled everything out of the van, they'd left pretty much all their gear in there. No longer wanted toys, games, dishes, cutlery, etc. Had a verandah full once it was all unloaded. Once it was all out we could give it a clean. Found a couple of rough bits, but we can fix those. Gave the wheels a repaint, put a new number plate light and rail on the back. Have to paint the front shade on the inside. The 240V lighting and power all works ok, but Trev and I couldn't get anything on the 12V to work.

The tidied up bits. Still more to do. Bought a gas bottle bracket, needs welding on. Then sort out fittings if we're going to use it for the fridge.

th20160114_van_01.jpg th20160114_van_03.jpg th20160114_van_04.jpg th20160114_van_05.jpg th20160114_van_07.jpg th20160114_van_08.jpg th20160114_van_10.jpg
th20160114_front_1.jpg th20160114_front_2.jpg th20160114_hitch_1.jpg th20160114_hitch_3.jpg

The fridge. Electrolux RM36E, 240V and gas. Took it out and plugged it into a lead. Got cold and the freezer works. Need to check how it goes on the gas. Will need Trev's help on that one again.

th20160114_fridge_03.jpg th20160114_fridge_05.jpg th20160114_fridge_06.jpg th20160114_fridge_12.jpg th20160114_fridge_13.jpg

Inside. There are a couple of holes in the walls that need fixing. They had photo frames covering those. And I can't get the top hatch to open. Don't want to force it too much in case I break something. We're making some supports for the covers next to the dining table. The ones on there are very flimsy. And putting a piece of board over the gap under the big bed.

th20160114_inside_02.jpg th20160114_inside_03.jpg th20160114_inside_04.jpg th20160114_inside_05.jpg th20160114_inside_06.jpg th20160114_inside_07.jpg th20160114_hatch_2.jpg

26 January 2016

Australia Day long weekend was the maiden voyage for Barbara (as she has become known). The camping gang had planned a trip up the river to Coolendel. It was up 11km of dirt road so we borrowed the Prado to pull it in. Lucky we did cause there was an almighty storm on the way in Friday arvo. Roads were awash. But we got there and set up. Took an effort to get the awning tarp into the track, but then I was doing it by myself. That's a 2 person job. But once on it was excellent. But the place was excellent, the company was spot on, and the kids had an absolute ball. Having a van was great in the slightly wet weather. And then on the last night a massive storm hit. So much rain, lightning and thunder. It was smashing down. There was one tiny leak in the roof, but I'm thinking that was caused because the roof hatch was open when the storm hit, and I didn't manage to get it closed properly. But the first trip was a great success.

th20160122_140718.jpg th20160125_coolendel_2.jpg th20160125_coolendel_4.jpg th20160126_coolendel_2.jpg

6 February 2016

And then the 2nd trip came around fast. The McKeans and us decided last minute to head out to Currarong for another trip. This time we pulled it with the Commodore, after having an transmission oil cooler fitted. It pulled it pretty easy, but not as well as the Prado. Set up the awning tarp again, this time with 2 and sometimes 3 people. It was a breeze. We had a powered site this time too, so lights and power points all worked great. The kids bombed about on their bikes and romped in the water park and had another great time.

th20160206_currarong_1.jpg th20160206_currarong_5.jpg

10 February 2016

After chatting with Matt out at Currarong over a few beers we'd decided old Barbara needed a set of hubcaps. So I spent a while trying to work out what Holden wheels were on it, and what hubcap might fit that particular wheel. Then looked at ebay and the prices of old Holden hubcaps and promptly fell over. Then I had a brainwave, and remembered I had these old BMW caps hung on the wall of the shed. Wasn't sure if they'd fit, but worth a try. And bingo. Think they're old 2002 caps. I picked them up at a car boot sale in England when we were there in 2001.

th20160210_hubcaps_2.jpg th20160210_hubcaps_3.jpg

25 March 2016

Not much else done on the van itself. Just a couple of rivets and screws replaced. Then the camping crew was back together again, and all headed down to Lake Tabourie for the Easter long weekend. We had the Charmichael's in their new (old) van Justin (an '81 Viscount), McKean's were there in Noel, Dudgeon's with their old '69 van, and Brunton's had their father-in-laws camping trailer. There were 15 kids bombing about the place, and we hardly saw them. The parents all managed to chill out quite a bit, which was great.

th20160325_tabourie_1.jpg th20160325_tabourie_5.jpg

16 April 2016

A while back we asked Flynn what he wanted to do for his birthday. And quick as a flash he said, take the caravan to Wombeyan Caves. So come mid April, we're all loaded up and heading over the mountains towards Goulburn. The wagon did a pretty good job of hauling all the gear up the mountains, but it could really do with more torque to make it easier. We got in Friday afternoon, and managed to set up before it got pitch black. We grabbed a powered site, and found they had a nice sealed area for the car and van, and a beaut concrete pad for under the awning. Grandmama (my mum) had come along too, but was staying in the dorm rooms. But we loved heading to the caves, we did 3 of them. Girls rode their bikes about, and Flynn loved opening his presents in the van. The road in was incredibly dusty, car and van were covered. But there was a small shower on the Saturday night that washed things down, and made it not so dusty on the way out.

th20160416_wombeyan_01.jpg th20160416_wombeyan_04.jpg th20160417_wombeyan_2.jpg

21-25 April 2016

The camping crew were meant to be back together again for the Anzac long weekend. But with Dudgeon's in the USA, McKean's just back from a massive SA van trip, and Brunton's tied up, it was just us and the Charmichael's heading down to Merry Beach. Originally we were going to head down the Friday, but on checking the weather forecast we decided to go early and we left Wednesday arvo. Got down there after dark, which was a bit of a pain setting up. Then the Thursday and Friday I had to go back up home for work, but I managed a half day Thursday and got back down there. It was a cracker of a spot, right on the beach with a powered site. Probably the best place we've been so far. Although it could get windy with the north-easter in summer time. The weather on Sunday and Monday was just awesome, the water was great, it was such a shame to have to pack up and leave.

th20160425_merry_beach_1.jpg th20160425_merry_beach_2.jpg th20160425_merry_beach_3.jpg th20160425_merry_beach_4.jpg th20160425_merry_beach_5.jpg th20160425_merry_beach_7.jpg th20160425_merry_beach_8.jpg

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