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13x5 RS Volate. Sold these to Jim Campbell for his restored Rally Pack Mk2.

th20070526_bandit_01.jpg th20070717_wheels_1.jpg th20070928_wheel_1.jpg th20070928_wheel_3.jpg

13x7 steel wheels. I only have 2 of these. I have 2 stock ones that may be able to be banded/widened.

th20100419_13x7_wheels_2.jpg th20101215_front_wheel_1.jpg th20110415_lowered_06.jpg th20110415_lowered_08.jpg th20110605_bandit_15.jpg th20110712_frt_wheels_11.jpg th20120215_steel_wheel_5.jpg th20120215_steel_wheel_7_2.jpg

13x7 RMD Superlights. My first set of brand new wheels. PCD and centre bore is good, but the offset puts them out a bit far, especially on the front. Twin Cam arches are needed.

th20110324_wheels_3.jpg th20110415_lowered_04.jpg th20110605_bandit_13.jpg th20110712_frt_wheels_02.jpg

15x7 Audi Ronal wheels. PCD is good at 4x108. Centre bore is a little big and hacked up with a file. And the offset isn't quite right, I'll need some 20mm spacers.

th20101215_front_wheel_6.jpg th20101215_front_wheel_7.jpg th20110210_bandit2.jpg

13x5.5 mystery minilight style wheel.

th20120215_wheel_1.jpg th20120215_wheel_3.jpg th20120215_wheel_4.jpg th20120215_wheel_5.jpg th20120215_wheel_6.jpg th20120215_wheel_7.jpg

13x7 slot mags. Bought these off ebay. Seller said they were Escort/Cortina fitment. But they're not. PCD is 4x98 or so.

th20111205_slots_1.jpg th20111205_slots_4.jpg th20111205_slots_5.jpg th20111205_slots_9.jpg th20120215_wheel_slot_3.jpg th20120215_wheel_slot_4.jpg

13x6 steel wheels. These are the wheels that were on the Anglia when I got it. They look to be an ROH wheel that was widened back in the day. They had some awesome near brand new Pirelli tyres on them, but cause they have sat so long they're about cactus. There was some rust on the wheel rims where the bead sits. After sand blasting and powdercoating there is still some pitting, so hopefully that won't affect the seal of the bead. Picking the powdercoating colour didn't go well either, I've got a grey instead of a nice silver. I plan to get some 185/60R13 tyres to throw on these at some stage.

th20081127_anglia_13.jpg th20090101_tyres_1.jpg th20090101_tyres_2.jpg th20090101_tyres_3.jpg th20090121_wheel_1.jpg th20090121_wheel_3.jpg th20090303_wheel_1.jpg th20090303_wheel_2.jpg th20090303_wheel_4.jpg

13x7 slot mags. This time I bought the right spec wheels. 4x108. They were a little grubby and needed a polish up, but they came up ok. And they're just so light, they had to become the track wheels. So the Formula Ford tyres were put on. But the FF rears were a bit wide for the rear arches, so had to swap the FF rears for another set of fronts. I'd like to run these on the street, but it means I'd need yet another set of tyres.

th20120520_wheels_03.jpg th20120520_wheels_05.jpg th20120520_wheels_08.jpg th20120520_wheels_10.jpg th20130725_avon_3.jpg th20130814_slots_slicks.jpg th20130914_slots_on_2.jpg th20130921_ready_10.jpg th20130921_ready_16.jpg th20131114_tyres_3.jpg