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22 January 2008

Another quick update. The last of the portal frames are now standing and have been braced. Now we just need to add all the wall girts and roof purlins. We also need to work out where the roller door openings go. We've tried off the plans that came with it, but really, they're just rubbish. They don't tell us anything we actually need to know. So a visit to south Nowra to check out one that's already been built is on the cards.


27/28 January 2008

The pile of bits is getting smaller and we're getting closer to being done. All the walls are now done, the PA door jamb is in, and the frame bracing is on. All that is left is some roof purlins, the roller door header frames and some more bracing on the roof. We took all the extra bracing off it on the weekend and it looks great now.

Dad was also down on the Monday. He hooked up the rest of the meter board and sorted all that out. The guy is coming on Wednesday to hook the power up to the pole, so after that we should be right to start using some power. The metal cover over the conduits coming out of the box makes it look a lot neater. And once its all painted green you won't even know its there.


30 January 2008

After all dads good work in setting the meter box up, the contractor came and hooked it all up to the pole and installed our meters. So we're all powered up now. Just need to paint the box green, fill in the trench completely and plant another bush, and then that part will be done too.

th20080201_pole.jpg th20080201_meter_box_1.jpg th20080201_meter_box_2.jpg

31 January 2008

We got rained out last night, so got down there nice and early at 6:30am today. Trev managed to get all the remaining roof purlins on yesterday. So now all we need is some diagonal bracing and the roof is done. We got the roller doors and door headers up this morning. All that is needed now is a couple more end wall girts and the frame is done. Trev was even using the garage, except he complained that it was still a bit breezy in there, and that the roof leaked!

th20080131_roller_doors_1.jpg th20080131_roller_doors_2.jpg

6 February 2008

Last Saturday I went down and put the remaining screws into the frame. Then Sunday Trev and I added the remaining bracing and wall girts. This weeks job was to be cladding the lot. But the rain got in the way again. It wasn't till Wednesday arvo that we got back there, we finished off the northern wall, started on the southern wall, and then got rained out again.

th20080206_shed_walls_1.jpg th20080206_shed_walls_2.jpg th20080206_shed_walls_4.jpg

7 February 2008

With Trev away on the coming weekend we were keen to get as much up as we could. So I took a day off today. We got a few hours in and finished off the southern wall and made a start on the back wall. But then a rain delay forced us home for an hour. Its like a rain affected cricket match! Once that shower had gone we were back. We finished off the end wall, and just as we were sorting the last of the front wall the mother of all storms hit. And then we were done for the day. So apart from the fiddly little bits above the doors, all the walls are done.

th20080207_shed_walls_04.jpg th20080207_shed_walls_06.jpg th20080207_shed_walls_07.jpg th20080207_shed_walls_08.jpg th20080207_shed_walls_09.jpg

The excavation for the house site was meant to start this past week too. But once again the rain has knocked us around when it comes to digging stuff up. We've ordered the fist stage of the house (floor kit and frames/trusses) for delivery at the end of February. Hopefully we can get the footings sorted by then. We're already a week behind where we wanted to be.

9/10 February 2008

Drew and Nick came down from Canberra for a working bee weekend. But the weather on Saturday didn't help us. We were delayed by rain till about 2, but then cracked on. While Drew went round and put screws in the walls, Nick and I cut some sheets up for the front wall. Saturday night we rewarded ourselves with some beers and playstation down at Basin View.

Trev was back on the Sunday, but we had a bit of a slow start. Still, we managed to get all the wall screws in, finish off the front panels, and then put most of the left side roof on. It was handy having Nick there with his extra height. Drew and I got to sit up on the roof and stick the screws in.

th20080209_shed_wall_1.jpg th20080211_shed_roof_2.jpg th20080211_shed_roof_3.jpg th20080211_shed_roof_4.jpg th20080211_shed_roof_9.jpg

13 February 2008

Trev has been sorting out the roller doors during the days this week. And today they are working and looking good. We also finished off the rest of the left side of the roof. One more half to do and we're done. Weather permitting we'll have the roof on by the weekend. Then we can add all the trimmings and she'll be done! (note: pics taken before roof was done)

th20080213_shed_1.jpg th20080213_shed_2.jpg th20080213_shed_3.jpg th20080213_shed_5.jpg

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