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14 February 2008

The house site prep has begun! I met Mick the excavator man down at the block at 7am. We sorted where we wanted things dug and then his offsider got on with the job of digging a hole. Its a pretty big hole too. But looks pretty much spot-on to me.

th20080214_house_site_1.jpg th20080214_house_site_2.jpg th20080214_house_site_3.jpg th20080214_house_site_4.jpg th20080214_house_site_5.jpg

Meanwhile Trev and I continued with the shed roof in the afternoon. By the end of this evening we had half the remaining side covered too. We'll get an early start tomorrow and knock the rest off.

17 February 2008

And then the shed was done! Over the weekend we got the remaining finshing off done. There was some more freehand steel work done where the instructions didn't cover things. But it came up really well. We're not happy with the ridge capping, there was no way we could get the ones supplied to sit nicely, and again the instructions didn't cover this bit. There is a couple more screws to go in around the place, but then we can get the power to it and hook up some lights. And clean the floor, that's been bugging me for a while now.

th20080217_shed_done_2.jpg th20080217_shed_done_3.jpg th20080217_shed_done_5.jpg

26 February 2008

Finished off the door locks in the shed and gave it a sweep out on the weekend. Can't wait to start working on cars down here. Its a very cool shed. It may be filled with house stuff for the next few months though, so Escort building will have to wait.

The house site is nearly ready. We're still waiting for Mick to get back there and finish it off. There are also the big concrete blocks that need to be moved as we want to store the roof trusses there (cause its probably the only place they'll fit!). Its Tuesday today, so he's got one more day to sort it out. Everything will be delivered Thursday morning.

th20080226_shed_1.jpg th20080226_shed_2.jpg th20080226_shed_4.jpg th20080226_house_site_2.jpg th20080226_house_site_5.jpg th20080226_house_site_7.jpg

27 February 2008

The house was meant to be delivered tomorrow morning, but we had a call before lunch today to tell us it was coming that afternoon! Seems the big truck couldn't travel after hours because of the wide load. So the ETA was 5 that afternoon.

At 4pm it was looking very ordinary, there was a massive storm dumping rain, and the drivers said there was plenty of hail around Kiama too. Lucky Mick was able to get a guy to move all the concrete blocks out of the way so we had somewhere to put it all. He was going to do more dirt work, but the rain sent him home.

So at 5pm Trev and I met the trucks, we headed to Buangi to unload the trusses, frames and roof iron. Then it was up to Trevs to unload the other truck. It had bearers, joists, decking, cladding, flooring, doors, fittings, and all sorts. We loaded the doors and a few other bits onto the ute to get them out of the rain that was forcast for tomorrow. Amazingly, the rain stayed away the whole time we were unloading.

th20080227_kitome_delivery_01.jpg th20080227_kitome_delivery_03.jpg th20080227_kitome_delivery_05.jpg th20080227_kitome_delivery_07.jpg th20080227_kitome_delivery_09.jpg th20080227_kitome_delivery_10.jpg th20080227_kitome_delivery_14.jpg th20080227_kitome_delivery_20.jpg th20080227_kitome_delivery_22.jpg

1/2 March 2008

The results of this weekends labour. Dad came down again and got to sorting the power in the shed. There was a bit of fiddling about getting the jigsaw of conduits and fitting where they were needed. And having to dig a hole in the slab around the conduit to get it upright slowed progress too. But by weekends end we had one circuit done, 3 lights and a couple of powerpoints.

While dad was working on the shed Trev and I got to marking out the footings for the house. Some of their measurements are a bit rich, one gap is 2049, the next 2009 and the next 2008! You'd be doing very well to get the pegs in the ground acurate to 1mm. But all the pegs lined up and are even close to being spot-on. So now we gotta get Mick back to do some hole digging. That'll be fun, 86 holes 400x400x400 (some will be deeper), then we gotta move the dirt out too.

th20080302_shed_power_1.jpg th20080302_house_pegs_3.jpg th20080302_house_pegs_5.jpg

6 March 2008

I went back down to the shed a couple of nights this week to do a bit more of the setup for the electicals. It takes a bit of time to get all the conduits in the right spot and join them together. So I though I'd save dad some time by doing a bit for him. Then he can just come in and hook it all up. It was cool cruising about the shed with the Laser down there and the tunes on. The windows also turned up. No word from anyone that they were there, just dropped next to the shed. I rang Kitome and they said the windows were coming Friday. They were as shocked as I was when I told them they were already here.

th20080306_shed_electrics_2.jpg th20080306_shed_electrics_3.jpg th20080306_shed_electrics_6.jpg th20080306_shed_electrics_8.jpg

7 March 2008

After hassling Mick all week about getting the piers dug, he finally had a guy free on Friday, so I met them down at the block at 7am, and we got to drilling all the holes. I thought it might only take a couple of hours and I could get back to work mid-morning. But that was wrong. Still, they're all sorted and we didn't have to cancel the concrete truck that was booked for the morning. I spent the afternoon cleaning out the holes along the bench at the top so they'd be ready to pour in the morning. The excavator guy took a meter off the top of the garage site and spread that around. Its looking closer to how it should now.

th20080307_house_footings_01.jpg th20080307_house_footings_04.jpg th20080307_house_footings_07.jpg th20080307_house_footings_09.jpg

8 March 2008

True to form, there was a dirty great thunderstorm yesterday evening. So we turned up to find a lot of little swimming pools. Just what we didn't want. I got to bailing water, and Trev cleared a track for the truck. But once the truck arrived we soon realised that we'd be needing the wheelbarrows. 3.2 cubic meters later and all 35 of the top holes were filled. Trev and Otto smoothed off the tops making sure our beaut formwork (a roll of garden edging cut and made into circles) was level.

th20080308_house_footings_2.jpg th20080308_house_footings_5.jpg

I spent Sunday cleaning out the other 51 holes. By 5pm I still had 10 (2 were still full of water) to go, but I was beat so called it a day. It was bloody hard work, that clay is just a nightmare when it gets wet. Its that sticky each shovel load you need to scrape off the muck. Horrible stuff when its damp or wet.

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