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9 December 2008

Went back down to get some more pictures of the finished kitchen. There are a few drawer fronts missing as they got damaged in transit, and they're coming back in the new year to fit those and the glass splashback. Trev has been busy sorting out more plastering and filling. Plenty of sanding to be done!

th20081209_kitchen_02.jpg th20081209_kitchen_05.jpg th20081209_kitchen_06.jpg th20081209_kitchen_08.jpg th20081209_kitchen_11.jpg th20081209_kitchen_12.jpg th20081209_kitchen_13.jpg

13/14 December 2008

Trev had a couple of days off during the week and was busy putting coats of plaster on. We both did some sanding, and Trev stuck more undercoat on around the entry hallway. By the weekend all we needed to do was sand the top coat, and then we could undercoat the rest of the dining and family rooms. Dad was also down for the weekend and made a start on terminating the wires for the powerpoints and switches. Saturday afternoon we started measuring up for the lights, and I went around cutting holes in our perfectly good ceiling. Sunday dad and I sanded back the basecoat that Trev had stuck in the lounge room. Once that was done dad continued with powerpoints and I started sticking more gyprock sheets up in the northern side of the house. Just the small ones that I could do myself.

th20081214_lights_1.jpg th20081214_lights_2.jpg th20081214_lights_3.jpg th20081214_lights_4.jpg th20081214_powerpoints.jpg

23 December 2008

We stuck some cornice up on the outside walls to see what it'd look like. With a coat of paint its come up a treat. Dad was down as well and got to work on the powerpoints and stuffing all the wires into the switchboard. Its kinda busy in there. Dad also got us our Christmas present, a bunch of beaut new tools. They're too nice to go get dirty!

th20081223_cornice_1.jpg th20081223_cornice_2.jpg th20081223_power_2.jpg th20081223_power_4.jpg th20081223_power_5.jpg th20081223_tools.jpg

27 December 2008

Next stage was to get the ceilings sorted and ready for sheeting. This meant sticking a bunch more wood up in between the trusses so we actually had something to screw the battens to. And with all the shear blocks on the tops of the frames and trusses running right on top of walls, it meant we needed more wood in every room. But we got all that in, the battens on, string lined it and made them level.

th20081227_ceiling_1.jpg th20081227_ceiling_2.jpg th20081227_ceiling_4.jpg th20081227_ceiling_5.jpg th20081227_ceiling_6.jpg

31 December 2008

Before we did all the ceilings we thought it'd be a good idea to stick the laundry one up and sort out the manhole. That way we could actually get up into the roof once all the other sheets went on. So a bit more wood for a frame, and then the ceiling sheets went up in there. The other pic is of the kitchen bench. So much for keeping stuff off it. Just as long as its a bit neater once we move in!

th20081231_laundry_2.jpg th20081231_kitchen.jpg

4 January 2009

Friday we had a big day and got the rest of the ceilings up. Trev and I had had help from Glen, Corey and Otto. We'd done the majority of it by lunchtime. Then is was just the smaller bits in the ensuite and walk in robe.

After heading down to Bunnings for more glue (we've used 9 buckets of the stuff. Kitome supplied 2) and wall insulation, we spent the rest of the weekend finishing all the gyprock on the walls, and pieced together the insides of the wardrobes. By close of play Sunday we were all done. Tick one more job off the list!

th20090104_final_gyprock_1.jpg th20090104_final_gyprock_2.jpg th20090104_final_gyprock_3.jpg th20090104_final_gyprock_4.jpg th20090104_final_gyprock_6.jpg

12 January 2009

Trev's been busy while he's on school holidays. He and Otto got to work sorting out the bathrooms and getting them sheeted. The bath is all boxed in. I spent a lot of the weekend putting nails 150mm apart all over the ensuite and bathroom. We also took the left over gyprock sheets back down to the shed and cleaned up the living room. Trev also got to work on the architraves in the dining and lounge rooms. During the week Carlyn and I went down and paint more coats on the walls and ceiling. And Carlyn stuck some paint on the architaves and windows. Its slow, but we're still getting bits and pieces done.

th20090108_bathroom.jpg th20090110_bathroom_3.jpg th20090110_ensuite_3.jpg th20090110_living_1.jpg th20090110_living_2.jpg th20090110_living_4.jpg

16 January 2009

Between Carlyn Trev and me we're making progress on getting the window architraves sorted and painted. Carlyn has been sanding, masking and painting a couple of evenings after putting the kids to bed. They're looking good too. Only 11 windows to go!

I bet Carlyn will be happy that I put the photo of her wearing her dads jeans up on the internet :-)

th20090115_windows_2.jpg th20090115_windows_4.jpg th20090115_windows_5.jpg

17/18 January 2009

This felt like a good productive weekend. I picked up the Kanga loader early on Saturday morning, then got into digging the trench from the house to the septic. Not the straightest line, but I blame the pull to the left on the machine! Was easy digging through that dirt, but some tricky bits where we went down the bank, and the final drop off down to the septic. It was finished well before lunch. Then it was the fun bit of cleaning the trench out. There was plenty of that. By 4 we were ready to start doing wires and conduits. By close of play Saturday we had the run done all the way to the septic, and one out for the garage.

Sunday morning we got to moving the last block where we wanted the air con unit to go. We reverted back to the Egyptian days and got it up on some rollers, then used the crowbar to shift it out of the way. Then it was time to fill the trench in again. We manually backfilled to about 2-300 above the conduit and stuck some warning tape down. Then it was into the machine to fill the rest. Was a bit of fun moving hte dirt about. I grabbed a bit extra and filled around the septic a bit more too. Then we headed out the back to dig a trench from the house to the air con unit spot. We also stuck 3 post holes in while we had the machine. This way I can whip up a screen using some sleepers (or something).

While dad and I played around in the dirt and with electricity stuff Trev brought Carol down and they did more architraves around windows and doors. We can hopefully now do some more masking and painting in the evenings this week.

th20090117_elecrics_1.jpg th20090117_elecrics_4.jpg th20090117_elecrics_5.jpg th20090117_elecrics_7.jpg th20090118_elecrics_0b.jpg th20090118_elecrics_5.jpg th20090118_elecrics_6.jpg th20090118_elecrics_8.jpg th20090118_elecrics_9.jpg

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