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1 March 2009

I took some pics of the lights first thing Saturday morning seeing as I didn't have the camera when I got them working last night. They still look pretty cool during the day too. Now for the fun of working out where all the switches are!

The rest of the weekend I went around filling gaps and holes in all the architraves and getting them ready for paint. By Sunday afternoon they were all good to go. I filled all the holes and gaps in the front door too, and then gave it a lick of undercoat. On Sunday I also swept out the bathroom, laundry, toilet and ensuite. I vacuumed it and then mopped up with water and a sponge. So it should have been all good to go for wet area prep. But then Trev came down to sort some more architraves, and the bathroom one needed a good plane, so now I need to sweep up again. Ah well.

th20090228_lights_1.jpg th20090228_lights_3.jpg th20090301_architraves_1.jpg th20090301_architraves_3.jpg th20090301_architraves_4.jpg th20090301_architraves_5.jpg th20090301_front_door.jpg

5 March 2009

Went back at night to take some pics of the lights.

th20090305_lights_2.jpg th20090305_lights_6.jpg

8 March 2009

Dad was back again this weekend doing more lights and switches. By close of play he had the 2nd light circuit all sorted and going. I spent more time filling and then painting skirtings and architraves. They've all got 2 undercoats on now, so we can crack on with the top coats now. I also got to fiddle about mounting the fan bases and the outside light bases, just for a change of scenery. We also got fans going in the master and 2nd bedrooms.

th20090308_lights_01.jpg th20090308_lights_02.jpg th20090308_lights_03.jpg th20090308_lights_05.jpg th20090308_ensuite_2.jpg th20090308_outside_lights_1.jpg th20090308_outside_lights_2.jpg th20090308_bathroom.jpg th20090308_toilet.jpg

14/15 March 2009

Well is was a momentus occasion when the temporary power supply that had served us so well from the get-go was finally decommissioned. Now that all the powerpoints were hooked up we didn't need it. And because the wardrobes are booked for the 24th we need to sheet and finish off the linen cupboard. So in between sheeting that I laid some more waterproofing along the seams in the floors and around the corners of the rooms. We ran out so will have to get more next week. Dad finished off all the lights and fans. We modified the fans a bit with the drill and the angle grinder to raise them up 100mm. Much better now.

th20090314_temp_power.jpg th20090314_toilet_1.jpg th20090315_bathroom_2.jpg th20090315_bathroom_4.jpg th20090315_bathroom_6.jpg th20090315_ensuite_4.jpg th20090315_lights_1.jpg th20090315_lights_4.jpg th20090315_lights_6.jpg

16 March 2009

The air conditioning guys came back today to finish up. The stuck the outside unit in its little alcover, hooked it all up, cut the outlets in and hooked up the controller. All is sweet and running beautifully. Now I just need to fill in the trench and tidy up that area a bit.

th20090316_air_con_01.jpg th20090316_air_con_05.jpg th20090316_air_con_06.jpg th20090316_air_con_09.jpg th20090316_air_con_10.jpg

19 March 2009

Bit more work on the waterproofing. We've been doing the corners up showers and next to sinks. Coming along ok, just need more time. I've been down the last couple of nights finishing off the wardrobes. They needed a bit more filling, then some coats of paint on the walls. Now all that is left is a top coat on the architraves and skirtings and we're all good to go for next Teusday.

th20090317_waterproofing_1.jpg th20090317_waterproofing_2.jpg th20090317_waterproofing_3.jpg th20090317_waterproofing_4.jpg

23 March 2009

The last week I've been down in the evenings till 11 most nights finishing off the waterproofing and the wardrobes. We're all good to go for the wardrobes tomorrow now. I put the angles in for the showers and doorways over the weekend, then matted them in and coated them up. Trev stuck some more coats on the floors too. The waterproofing is being inspected today, so hopefully we'll be cleared and ready to start tiling. Steve the tiler can't start till later in the week though.

th20090319_wardrobe_2.jpg th20090322_linen.jpg th20090322_waterproofing_08.jpg th20090322_waterproofing_11.jpg th20090322_waterproofing_12.jpg th20090322_waterproofing_14.jpg

25 March 2009

The wardrobes went in yesterday. They came out very well. We should have plenty of storage for all our junk. Carlyn wants to move the powerpoint in the walk-in now, dad will be pleased! The wet areas were inspected Monday. All good there, except we just needed angle around the top of the bath. So I got to doing that and siliconed it in and waterproofed it. Carlyn started on the pink in the girls rooms too. Its...umm...pink.

th20090324_wir_1.jpg th20090324_wir_2.jpg th20090324_wardrobe_2.jpg th20090324_wardrobe_3.jpg th20090324_wardrobe_4.jpg th20090324_waterproofing_6.jpg th20090324_pink_4.jpg

29 March 2009

Was a bit of a slack weekend this one. I was coming back from Canberra and dad came down Sunday and we didn't start till late. But Saturday morning Carlyn painted more skirtings and architraves, and then I did the same thing in the afternoon. Then I made a start on the floor join cleanup. Chip off the excess glue with a chisel, and then run the belt sander over it. It works well, but takes some time. Sunday dad and I got to work on the kitchen and getting the appliances in. Cut holes in the roof for the rangehood ducting, dad sorted out the cabling for the cook top and oven. There was plenty of fiddling making cover plates filler bits to cover the wires. But she looks good now. I'm very happy with the cooktop.


31 March 2009

The tiler made a start this week. He spent yesterday getting the floor base down. Looks kinda cool with just that there. Can't wait for it to have tiles! He made a bit of a mess though.

th20090331_tiling_2.jpg th20090331_tiling_3.jpg th20090331_tiling_4.jpg th20090331_tiling_5.jpg

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