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1 July 2009

And we've moved in!

We got most of our gear in on Friday the 26th. And we spent our first night in the house then too. The weekend was spent moving things down from Carol and Trevs (lots of boxes of crap really, and there is still more to come!). Dad was down again too and he helped out prepping and painting doors in between lifting bits and bobs. He was the first guest to try out the spare room. And now after 5 nights in the place we feel very settled in. We could do with some new/extra furniture around the place, but we'll get there. The main thing is that we're in. And its so good. Talia and Maya seem to be settled now too. Talia was wondering when we were going to go back home to Nana and Cobbys. And Maya had a case of the "don't-put-me-down-and-walk-aways". But t2 out of the last 3 nights she has slept through.

So now we're painting doors and doing bits and bobs to tidy the place up. I just need to keep up the motivation to plug away at the little jobs that need doing. We're going to take some family time-out on the weekends now though, so we can relax and enjoy the new life of living in your own house!

th20090701_kitchen_2.jpg th20090626_kitchen_5.jpg th20090701_family_room.jpg th20090628_deck.jpg th20090701_bedroom.jpg th20090701_office.jpg th20090701_mayas_room_2.jpg th20090701_talias_room.jpg

15 July 2009

Little bits are still being done here and there. I've managed to paint a couple more doors. About half way there now. Mum was down the other weekend and we put her to work and she got some undercoat on the front verandah balustrades. Last weekend I got some time to sort more skirtings in the rumpus room. Got 2 more to trim and nail on and we're done. And yesterday we went and picked toilet roll holders, towel rails and hooks. We found ones we loved, and it only cost $284. A lot better than the $1200 for all the bits we wanted to get from Reece.

th20090715_toilet_roll_holders_1.jpg th20090715_toilet_roll_holders_2.jpg th20090715_toilet_roll_holders_3.jpg

20 July 2009

More finishing off bathrooms. Our towel rails came in, so I put them up. And hung the mirror in the ensuite. Its just about finished now, I just need to put the door latch and knob on. Talia and I also got the clothesline up yesterday. She was very helpful filling in the hole I just dug. I may have made it a bit tall, but by the time we sort out the ground under it it should be at the right height.

th20090719_ensuite_3.jpg th20090719_ensuite_4.jpg th20090719_ensuite_6.jpg th20090720_clothesline_1.jpg th20090720_clothesline_2.jpg

25 July 2009

After more than 12 months, the grass was well overdue for a cutting. This wasn't a job for the mower, so Trev brought the tractor down and got to it. He did the tricky bits, and then left the others for me. I'd never driven a tractor before, but got the hang of it. It was pretty simple while you were pottering about. It just gets tricky when you need to work out what the other levers are doing. Tal came for a ride around with me for an hour or so in the afternoon.


27 July 2009

Finally managed to get enough holes through the walls in the bathrooms to install the shower shelf. Damn those coloured porcelain tiles are hard. Ended up using a diamond tipped hole drill to get through. Only the bathroom to go now! I'd spent the remainder of the weekend under the house getting the concertina floor insulation started. Got most of it done. Just a strip down the middle to go.

th20090726_shower_shelf_1.jpg th20090727_under_floor_1.jpg th20090727_under_floor_3.jpg th20090727_under_floor_4.jpg

29 July 2009

I saw a ride on mower on ebay. Seller was in Nowra, so we chucked in a bid. Ended up winning it. Turns out the guy was just down the road off Illaroo Rd. So we got ourselves a beaut John Deere ride on.


10 August 2009

Trev was back on the 1st to make a start on the area for the absorption treches for the septic. He first plughed it up, then got the rotary hoe onto it. Looking good. Needs another going over before we get the pipes in. I was getting sick of the mess in the shed, so decided it was time for some storage. Got some timber delivered and cracked on building some shelves. I'd thought about it heaps beforehand, so they went up pretty smoothly. Plenty of space now!

And for those that don't reckon it gets cold down the coast. Check out the frost we had this morning. Brrr!

th20090801_absorption_area_3.jpg th20090805_shed_shelves_2.jpg th20090805_shed_shelves_3.jpg th20090805_shed_shelves_8.jpg th20090810_shed_shelves_08.jpg th20090819_shed_shelves_3.jpg th20090810_frost_1.jpg

2 September 2009

Turns out even though the mower looked really neat, its seen a bit of action and maybe sat out in the rain a bit. There were some rust issues. Should fit in well in the shed with all the other rusty cars then! The seat was broken, and once stripped back you could see why. There was nothing left of the mount. And the foot plates had rust all around the holes. There was a good amount of mulch under the rubber foot padding. I've cleaned it up a bit, but need to get underneath and clean it some more before hitting it with some paint. Trev welded up a new mount, and its all good now.

And we dragged Carlyn old king single wrought iron bed out of the shed and had it blasted and powder coated. Its come up a treat. I stuck some slats on it, and we got a mattress (had to order it cause the bed it a weird size). Looks really good in her room now too. You can see the lounge chair in the background too. Carlyn has been doing a top job recovering the 2 arm chairs and the lounge. They're in the front room now and looking good. Like most things they need a bit of finishing off.

th20090822_mower_seat_3.jpg th20090902_mower_seat_2.jpg th20090822_mower.jpg th20090902_tals_bed_1.jpg th20091111_tals_bed.jpg th20091111_lounge_2.jpg th20091111_lounge_3.jpg

3 September 2009

Dad had said he'd buy us some rugs as a house warming. We'd looked at a thousand, but nothing jumped out. Then Carlyn stumbled upon one she loved. So we ended up with 2! They're absolutely magic, so soft and comfy to lie on. The kids and us couldn't drag ourselves off them. Thanks dad.

th20090903_rugs_2.jpg th20090903_rugs_4.jpg

4 October 2009

Started on a mirror for the bathroom too. Got some Merbau machined up with a chamfer and a rebate. Made my own dowel jointer jig. Was kinda successful, it only moved a little bit! But the frame still came out square. With a rub over with some decking oil it looks great.

th20091004_mirror_3.jpg th20091111_bathroom_mirror.jpg

29 October 2009

The mower has been getting a workout. With spring coming the grass is starting to grow, and needs sorting every couple of weeks. Now that we've knocked the top off it its much easier to keep trimmed. I can scoot about virtually the whole block in 2-3 hours. Lucky the mower has lights on it, a couple of times its been getting a bit dark!

We're also keen to sort out some gardens at the front of the house. We've got ideas, and now we've got a load of hardwood sleepers too. Next step is to get them all together into something that looks ok. The downhill side might need a bit of a retaining wall. I was thinking bessa blocks, but I'm not real sure where to start on that.

th20091029_grass_pano.jpg th20091029_sleepers.jpg th20091111_front_garden_2.jpg

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