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11 January 2010

Just after Christmas I spent a day under the house in the mud digging a trench for the stormwater pipe that will catch the water from the back of the house. What a bloody horrible job that was. But dad and I got the pipe in ok. So now we could sort out the ag pipe and rubble drains at the top and the bottom of our dirt bank. There was more digging to get these in and level.

And when all the pipes were in and sorted I could get on with the rest of the joists. They're all in, and I used up the last of the protect-a-deck on it. I also extended the frame a bit out past the end of the house on the western side. It makes the step down to the clothesline easier to manage. I dragged all the left over boards out from under the house too. I need to order another 230m of decking. And I'll need another 2 boxes of screws too. There goes some more $'s! But hey, it will look awesome when done.

th20100111_boardwalk_1.jpg th20100111_boardwalk_2.jpg th20100111_boardwalk_5.jpg th20100111_boardwalk_6.jpg th20100111_boardwalk_7.jpg

The front garden is now getting loaded up too. We stole some mulch from Carol and we're going to get a ute load of soil to go in it. Then we can start planting bits and bobs in there to pretty up the front of the house.

th20100111_front_garden_1.jpg th20100111_front_garden_3.jpg

15 January 2010

We got a call yesterday from the blind man saying ours were there and ready and could he stick them in tomorrow. We said yes, but we thought we had till the end of January, and the window wasn't even painted. So we had a busy Thursday cleaning windows, taking tape off them and whacking to coats of paint on. 11am the next day the guy came round and put them up. They look fantastic. It will be interesting to see how much of a difference they make in winter, they're meant to keep the temperature 4 degrees warmer.

th20100115_blinds_1.jpg th20100115_blinds_2.jpg th20100115_blinds_3.jpg

17 January 2010

Got a bunch more boards delivered the other day, and had a day on Sunday getting the first couple of runs down. Its a bloody long way from one end to the other. I tried to pick the straightest boards so that the first run was as true as possible. Then I can take all the others off that and hopefully keep them in a straight line. 2 runs down, only 12 to go!

th20100117_boardwalk_2.jpg th20100117_boardwalk_3.jpg th20100117_boardwalk_5.jpg

23 January 2010

Each evening this week I got one run done. So by the time dad arrived Friday afternoon I had 5 runs down. Then Friday evening we laid another 3. Of course it was stinking hot again on Saturday, it always is when dads here. But we cracked on early and got more done. Had to have a break from 12 till 2 while babies slept, but then we go into it again. By 5 we knocked off. We could have got it all finished, except we were a few screws short. Only 2 runs to go, the inside one against the house and the last one on the outside.

th20100123_boardwalk_2.jpg th20100123_boardwalk_3.jpg th20100123_boardwalk_5.jpg

11 March 2010

A quick pic of the front of the house. Its all had one coat of paint on it now. Just trying to work out what colour to paint the facias.


23 March 2010

Only a couple of years too late, I finally managed to get the deck stained. Ended up going with a Merbau coloured stain to hopefully get some colour back into the boards. Came up ok, apart from a couple of areas where I overlapped, so they're a bit darker.


6 April 2010

Dad and I had a weekend at the verandah and managed to get all the sheets up. There was some fiddling about, and an unscheduled trip to the emergency room when I got some metal shavings in my eye after hacksawing a bolt off. It had all flushed out by the time they got to see me, so all good. It looks a bit different now, and just needs some quad to finish things off now.

th20100406_verandah_2.jpg th20100406_verandah_4.jpg th20100406_verandah_5.jpg

19 April 2010

And just when I thought I'd finished painting bloody doors, Carlyn goes and buy a new front and back door! Ah well, get the brush out again.


21,22,23 April 2010

After a bit of stuffing about we finally managed to get the garage site prep underway. Chris came round with his machinery and got to moving dirt, leveling off and getting ready for slab. Took a couple of days cause the pier hole drilling was a bit slow. That'll happen when they're 3m deep in the back corner! And on the 23rd we got some concrete into the holes to stop the sides falling in. The concreter could'nt come till next week. We also had $730 worth of steel dropped off for the slab too.

th20100421_garage_01.jpg th20100421_garage_07.jpg th20100422_garage_01.jpg th20100423_garage_piers_10.jpg th20100423_garage_steel_2.jpg

28 April 2010

After Trev and I had a busy weekend of getting the formwork up and setting up all the plastic and steel, we were ready for concrete on the 28th. In the end it took 3 and a bit truck loads, 10.2 cubic meters, of concrete to fill the holes. With all that concrete and steel it shouldn't go anywhere! Bill and Marlo laid the concrete for us, and did a good job smoothing it by hand. We're hoping to paint it at some stage like Trev did with his shed. Might wait till the garage it up before we do that though.

th20100427_garage_slab_1.jpg th20100428_slab_pour_01.jpg th20100428_slab_pour_08.jpg th20100428_slab_finished_1.jpg

5 May 2010

Just trying to work out frame designs for the garage.

th20100505_garage_plan_1.jpg th20100505_garage_plan_2.jpg th20100505_garage_plan_3.jpg

9 May 2010

I did a bit of tidying up around the backyard. Got rid of the piles of rubble that were out there and then grabbed some top soil from the pile at the front of the house. Smoothed it out in the backyard and chucked some grass seeds on it. Should come up nice. I just need to work out what to do along the edge of the decking. Might just fill it with gravel and bring the grass up to it.

th20100511_backyard_1.jpg th20100511_backyard_3.jpg th20100511_backyard_4.jpg

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