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4 August 2011

I chucked the ladder up and attached the slippery dip so the kids could start using the cubby. Needs a few more hours spent on it to get it all finished off though.

th20110804_cubby_1.jpg th20110804_cubby_2.jpg th20110804_cubby_3.jpg

12 September 2011

After cutting 30 odd balustrades and painting most of them I went and stuck a coat of paint on the rails of the cubby before I put the balustrades on. And while tidying up the shed I came across the offcuts from the front steps. Carlyn asked if we could make a top for her sideboard out of them, I thought why not. And this is as far as I got with it. Once trimmed up it should look pretty cool.

th20110904_071.jpg th20110912_006.jpg th20110912_008.jpg

11 October 2011

Its grass cutting time again. Its amazing how it just takes off. One day you think its fine, then a couple of days later its knee high. WE had to get it knocked over before Maya's party, so I got cracking and got it cut. Looks so good when its all done.

th20111011_grass_6.jpg th20111011_grass_pano.jpg

23 October 2011

After lots of busy weekends with guests and going away, we finally had one where we were hanging about. So I got to do a couple of jobs around here. I got the rest of the balustrades for the cubby painted and on. And stuck some corner molds on which tidied up the edges nicely. I'm going to get some more cause I reckon it'll look good around the windows and door as well. Once painted you won't know the differnce. And finally after months of sitting in the shed, I put the new back door on. Was a fairly straightforward thing, apart from a warp in it, and a trip to Trev's for the right size hole saw. And yes, the glass is filthy :)

th20111023_cubby_1.jpg th20111023_cubby_2.jpg th20111023_cubby_4.jpg th20111023_back_door_1.jpg th20111023_back_door_3.jpg

28 November 2011

Grass cutting season is back, so its been done. Whipper snipped things around the garage too. Dad said he'd help out with sleepers for a retaining wall around the bank too, so we took some pics and drew some rough plans. I'm pretty excited to get those banks sorted.

th20111115_005.jpg th20111128_003.jpg th20111128_004.jpg th20111128_005.jpg th20111128_006.jpg

9 December 2011

I went for a wander about the place one evening, so took a couple of pics and joined them together.

th20111209_pano_1.jpg th20111209_pano_4.jpg

28 December 2011

After a nice relaxing Christmas with lots of presents everywhere, I was up early on the 28th to go pick up the Kanga digger and get stuck into the bank. We'd done a mad dash to Sydney the night before to pick up our Christmas presents to ourselves, some Ikea shelves. But for now they'd have to stay in the boxes. We were also going to try and get the driveway done before Christmas too, but the concrete place was booked and we couldn't get ourselves organised soon enough. So we got cracking with the digging and post hole drilling cause we only had the Kanga for the day. We managed to move all the dirt and then get all the holes drilled. And didn't hit any important pipes/conduits. We did managed to find them all though. Dad was digging a couple up the drive manually cause the power went up there, but we forgot about the stormwater and managed to put the bar through the middle of that. Ah well, all good with a patch on it.

th20111228_005.jpg th20111228_006.jpg th20111228_008.jpg th20111228_009.jpg th20111228_011.jpg th20111228_012.jpg th20111228_024.jpg th20111228_030.jpg th20111228_033.jpg

29 December 2011

We spend today cleaning out all the holes we dug yesterday, moving dirt, and re-digging some of them to clear the conduits and pipes. By the end of the day we had them all ready for concrete, but that was a job for tomorrow. We spent the evening putting the Ikea shelves together. Took a bit of time, but was nice and simple. They look so much better than the dodgy old TV cabinet that was there before.

th20111229_new_bookcase_1.jpg th20111229_new_bookcase_3.jpg

30 December 2011

While dad finished off a couple of holes I stole the ute and went and got some gravel and concrete. Then we got to filling the holes. Dad did the mixing and I got to carry the buckets of concrete to the holes. We got them all in though which was good. While we had the ute I started carting the rest of the sleepers from the top of the driveway down to where we needed them.

th20111230_001.jpg th20111230_002.jpg th20111230_004.jpg th20111230_006.jpg th20111230_008.jpg th20111230_009.jpg th20111230_019.jpg th20111230_023.jpg th20111230_026.jpg

2 January 2012

Ron and family came down for New Years, and after a day at the beach on the 1st I was back into the wall today. At least it was time for the fun and quicker job of screwing the rails on. There was a bit of cutting to length, but it was very nice to see the wall starting to take shape. I also stuck the ag line in and covered that with gravel, before the bank started to fall in again. Carlyn has done a great job sorting out the play room and the new shelves are filling up.

th20120102_006.jpg th20120102_007.jpg th20120102_009.jpg th20120102_010.jpg th20120102_014.jpg th20120102_015.jpg th20120102_pano.jpg th20120102_bookcase_2.jpg

10 January 2012

I had a few evening after work to do some more on the wall. Just plugging away cutting and screwing the rails on. The northern and eastern sides are now done. The posts just need lopping off. I also made a start on getting the piles of dirt out of the way and cleaning up the driveway.

th20120105_wall_2.jpg th20120105_wall_4.jpg th20120110_wall_2.jpg th20120110_wall_3.jpg th20120110_wall_5.jpg

16 January 2012

I was all keen for a bit weekend to finish off the wall, but then the weather turned and it rained on and off for the 2 days. Everything has turned to mud, and there is a big swimming pool out the front of the shed cause some boso has dumped a pile of dirt where the water used to drain off! I did get a small window and fixed the stormwater pipe so it now goes under the wall. And I got another row of sleepers on the southern wall. Only 24 more sleepers to go. And the last batch also got dropped off too. Before the rain I also did more back filling using the shovel and wheel barrow. I really need a backhoe for this. And the driveway was looking good to go, but we've been stuffed about by the excavator man again so now its looking more delayed. Especially with rain forecast all this week. We got the mesh delivered though, I guess that's a start.

th20120116_wall_1.jpg th20120116_wall_2.jpg th20120116_wall_3.jpg th20120116_wall_4.jpg th20120116_wall_6.jpg th20120116_wall_7.jpg th20120116_mesh.jpg

17 January 2012

Had a bit of a whoops with the poor old mower today. Lost traction going up the steep bit near the fence, so went to go backwards bit got hung up in the fence. And when I tried to steer away from the fence the thing took off and dug in and rolled over. It all still works, but smashed the bonnet into a thousand pieces.

th20120117_mower_1.jpg th20120117_mower_2.jpg

23 January 2012

We finally nailed down the excavator guy and he had a bloke come and sort things out for us. Of course this was while I had to be in Canberra for work. So Trev was on hand to direct things and get what we needed done. The driveway had a scrape down. And the guy moved my pile of dirt from out the front of the shed for me too. Happy days! He also tiedied up the bank next to the garage a bit to smooth that off.

th20120123_earthworks_1.jpg th20120123_earthworks_2.jpg th20120123_earthworks_3.jpg

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