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25 December 2006

We'd owned a block in Cambewarra Village for a few years now, and then at Christmas time we had a guy ring up wanting to buy it. We pretty much said no straight away. But then Trev was looking at vacant land on the web, and found a few blocks around the area. Christmas day we went for a drive to check them out.

When we saw this one we (or mainly me) fell in love with it. It was a good size without being too small or too big, it had a great outlook, and the price was spot on. So we rang the guy back and started sorting out a deal. And by March 16th we'd settled and this little parcel of land was ours.

th20061225_land_1.jpg th20061225_land_2.jpg th20061225_land_3.jpg

14 April 2007

We found the kit house we wanted. We were looking at magazines and on the web, and the Glenbrook from Kitome really grabbed us. So we made a trip to Sydney (with Talia who was less than 2 weeks old, her first big road trip) to have a chat and work out a plan. And below is what we came up with. It should look something like the one on the front of their brochure.

thkitome_plan_01.jpg thkitome_brochure.jpg

July 2007

By mid year (I forget the actual dates) we'd come up with a site plan of where we wanted everything too. This was locked in and lodged with our DA in October. There's also a couple of maps from Google earth that show the location of the block.

thsm_site_plan.jpg thnewblock1.jpg thnewblock2.jpg

30 November 2007

Well its only taken nearly 12 months, but we've got plans through council and approved. Now we're sorting out all the paperwork that needs to be done (what a pain all that is). The first earthworks started on Nov 30, but then it bucketed down rain so they had to stop. Its rained pretty much since too.

th20071202_first_excavation_1.jpg th20071202_first_excavation_3.jpg

6 December 2007

After all the rain buggered off they got a good day of digging in. The garage and shed sites are coming along nicely. There is still some more leveling off to be done. But we need it ready to go next week, cause that's when the slab guys have a spare weekend. Fingers crossed the rain stays away (he says as it starts to fall again!).

th20071206_excavation_1.jpg th20071206_excavation_2.jpg th20071206_excavation_3.jpg

10 December 2007

More excavation progress. The shed site is looking flatter, and the driveway has been cut in a bit more. Still very wet though.

th20071210_earthworks_1.jpg th20071210_earthworks_2.jpg th20071210_earthworks_3.jpg

13 December 2007

We're getting closer. The driveway has been battered off and a neat drain put down. We're going to put a stormwater pit just at the back of the garage before the drop down to the shed. The shed site has been filled up to the right level and just needs finishing off. There is also a huge pile of agregate at the top ready to be spread out. Looking good for getting the driveway sorted on Friday 14th.

The concrete guy is coming Sunday to box up the slab. Then we'll look at getting it inspected on Wednesday 19th. The pour will happen Friday 21st at 7am, so should be done by lunchtime. The shed has arrived, but will be delivered next week. The tank won't happen till next year now.

th20071213_excavation_1.jpg th20071213_excavation_2.jpg th20071213_excavation_3.jpg th20071213_excavation_4.jpg th20071213_excavation_5.jpg

15 December 2007

Saturday morning and its looking pretty good. The road base is down. Still needs a bit of tidying up before the likes of the Laser can get down there. But soft underneath in some spots too. If the rain stays away we should be right.

th20071215_driveway_1.jpg th20071215_driveway_2.jpg th20071215_shed site.jpg th20071215_tank_site.jpg

I did go for a wander down to check on the trees too. They're going great guns. They're taller than me now and thickening up in the trunk nicely.

th20071215_block_pano_2.jpg th20071215_trees_1.jpg th20071215_trees_5.jpg

17 December 2007

And after the excitment of Saturday when it all looked to be on target, we're now deflated. Got a call on Saturday afternoon from the concrete guy Bill. The fill under the shed site is just way too wet still, and not stable enough to put a slab on. All the rain has buggered things up for us. It bucketed down again on Sunday and when we went for a look it was really boggy with puddles everywhere.

And just to rub salt into the wound, the tank guy rang today to say he could do it this Friday. But the site is too wet and won't be ready, plus we can't get a load of sand that close to Christmas. So we're just going have to say bugger it, and leave it all till next year.

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