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12 May 2009

Back on the 7th the guys came and installed the laundry bench. It looks excellent, although we could have gone for a slightly darker bench colour. Now we just need to pick a laundry sink. We looked at a couple of 70L ones, but they were around the $600 mark. Ouch! A trip to Bunnings is in order.

Saturday Carlyn and I went painting again. More skirtings and architraves. We'd doing doing heaps at night during the week as well. Me, Trev and Pete moved the big bugger of a fridge into the hole. Its fits snug, but sticks out a little. And its big! Dad arrived at lunchtime and we got to work on more decking. Still takes about 30 minutes each run by the time you pick the boards, mark out and cut, then drill and screw. We got another 9 runs down, so we're up to 17 out of 42 now. We were all keen to crack on with it on Sunday and were looking at getting 20 runs down. But it was raining. So we scraped glue off the floors and sanded them and then vacumed them. Not as exciting as doing the decking, but its less work that we need to do during the week for carpet on Friday. At last count 7 rooms were done.

th20090508_laundry_1.jpg th20090511_doors.jpg th20090511_kitchen_2.jpg th20090511_kitchen_3.jpg th20090511_floors_3.jpg th20090511_floors_4.jpg

19 May 2009

Last Thursday the blind man came and put up our roller blinds in the bedrooms and the rumpus room. They look really cool. We'll have to work out what we want on the rest of the windows now. Telstra was meant to come to hook the phone up too, but they got lost and never arrived.

Then Friday was carpet day! They arrived nice and early and got cracking. By lunchtime they were done. Carlyn went down for a look, but wasn't all smiles when she got back home. All looked excellent, except the loungeroom. There was a big purple stain in the middle of the room. I have no idea why they even laid the stuff with that stain on it. They came back yesterday and will look into getting it replaced. They'd better replace it anyway.

Then over the weekend dad was down and we got cracking with the deck. Over the 2 days we got all except 4 runs down. Was heaps of fiddling about, working out which boards fitted where, marking them, drilling them and screwing them, so took a while. But we got a bit more efficient as the weekend wore on. Looks awesome I reckon. I love big decks.

th20090514_blinds_1.jpg th20090514_blinds_4.jpg th20090514_blinds_5.jpg th20090517_carpet_1.jpg th20090517_carpet_2.jpg th20090517_carpet_5.jpg th20090517_carpet_8.jpg th20090517_deck_2.jpg th20090517_deck_5.jpg

25 May 2009

Econocycle came back today and commissioned the septic. I flicked the switch in the switch board and its humming away now. Just need some toilet so we can get the thing cranking. We put the bath in too. It needs some no more gaps around the edge now to make it look pretty. And we also attached the vanity to the wall in the bathroom. We need to send the top back though as it only had a single hole, we need a 3 hole.

th20090525_house_1.jpg th20090525_septic_1.jpg th20090525_septic_2.jpg th20090525_vanity_1.jpg th20090525_vanity_2.jpg

29 May 2009

I went down at lunchtime the other day and got the router out on the deck posts. It worked pretty well, there were a couple where it grabbed on the grain in the laminated posts and I had a small wobble. But it should come up a treat. We also unpacked the ensuite vanity into there too. Its a nice big one, hopefully it won't take up too much room. We also got the new vanity top in today. But turns out wires were crossed and we received a 3 hole top for the vanity (which we already had) and not the bathroom that we needed.

th20090528_deck_posts_1.jpg th20090528_deck_posts_2.jpg th20090528_deck_posts_3.jpg th20090528_ensuite_2.jpg

6/7/8 June 2009

Saturday morning I took Talia for a drive around the place to do some jobs. Went to timber shop, plumbing shop and Bunnings. So we didn't get back home till lunchtime. Dad came down again and we spent the afternoon getting set up to paint the posts and finish off the deck.

Sunday, inbetween painting posts and waiting for it to dry, we stuck a fan in the toilet and got another wire down the wall for a separate switch. We also put the last couple of runs of board down on the deck too. Its all done now. Looks bloody fantastic, and was nice to finally finish it off. Trev came down sunday evening and we cut a hole in the toilet wall for a noggin for the sink that we forgot earlier.

Monday I got to cutting the tiles out of the bathroom wall. Turns out we got the powerpoint in the wrong spot for the vanity and a mirror will not fit neatly in the middle. So out came the angle grinder and off with the 2 tiles. What a hell of a mess that made, dust and tile chips everywhere. Wish I'd thought to shut the bedroom doors before I started instead of halfway through. We also got the last of the top coats of paint onto the deck posts. They're looking beaut in their Ironstone.

th20090607_deck_6.jpg th20090607_deck_posts_2.jpg th20090607_deck_posts_3.jpg th20090607_toilet_wall_2.jpg th20090608_toilet_fan.jpg th20090607_bathroom_1.jpg th20090608_bathroom_3.jpg th20090608_deck_finished_2.jpg

9/10 June 2009

I had a couple of days off work after the long weekend. Tuesday I borrowed Trevs ute and went and bought timber for the handrail on the deck. Got it back and started cutting it to fit. Of course I was 100mm short to get the long span done in 2 bits, so need 3. I spent the afternoon painting the handrails, and then while waiting for it to dry I cut some skirtings.

Wednesday Randal came and delivered the deck glass. Once we'd unloaded it I test fitted a couple of the smaller sheets in. Looks like it'll work a treat. Just gotta work out a neat way to get the silicon into the grooves. Don't want it looking rubbish. Stuck one more coat on the handrails, then finished the day off by cutting more skirtings and nailing them on.

th20090609_deck_rail_1.jpg th20090609_deck_rail_4.jpg th20090610_deck_glass_1.jpg th20090610_deck_glass_3.jpg th20090610_deck_glass_7.jpg th20090610_skirtings.jpg

13/14 June 2009

The plumber was back Friday afternoon to start the final stages of taps/toilets/showers. They'll be back Monday and Wednesday to finish off, but what he's done so far looks tops. Dad came by again on Friday and fixed our powerpoint and light. Friday night we also dropped all the glass into the deck posts. Saturday we spent most of the day fixing the pump powerpoint here at Trevs place, I'd melted it with a grass fire. Long story. Saturday afternoon I got all the deck hand rails and screwed them on. Now to work out how to silicon the glass in without making it look rubbish. Sunday I got on with cutting more skirtings and I spent ages trying to get the french door to latch properly. Trev also whipped up a man-hole cover for the laundry, and stuck the linen cupboard doors on.

th20090614_bathroom_2.jpg th20090614_ensuite_2.jpg th20090614_ensuite_5.jpg th20090614_bathroom_1.jpg th20090614_deck_1.jpg th20090614_deck_7.jpg th20090614_house_2.jpg

16 June 2009

The plumbers were coming back during the week to finish off. I thought they'd do the laundry sink themselves, but aprently we needed to put it in. So Trev and I made one hell of a mess using the hole saw and the circular saw to hack through the 70mm of bench top. In the end it fitted in beaut and looked great. Bit of tidying up required though. I also mounted the bracket for the basin in the toilet too.

th20090616_laundry_2.jpg th20090616_laundry_5.jpg

20/21 June 2009

The plumbers were back and finished everything off. Except for the dishwasher, but that should get sorted this week. We've got water to all taps and the hot ones are even hot. Dad was down again this weekend and we cracked on attaching the skirtings on Saturday. We got all but 2 on, and filled the holes. Now need a sand, a paint and some no-more-gaps along the tops. We were 2 lengths short for the rumpus room though. Sunday we made a start on painting doors. We got the 3 out of Maya's room and dad sanded while I painted. We got them undercoated and one top coat. While I was painting dad hooked up the electric boost for the solar, and tidied up around the front step slab. I think we're all go for the move next weekend. There is still some jobs to do and a lot of cleaning. But hopefully we can knock a bit over in the evenings this week.

th20090622_bathroom.jpg th20090622_ensuite_4.jpg th20090622_laundry_2.jpg th20090622_toilet.jpg th20090622_skirting_2.jpg th20090621_doors_1.jpg th20090622_doors.jpg th20090622_front_landing.jpg

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