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31 October 2008

Plumbers were back at 7am today. And we had an excavator too. By the close of play the storm water was hooked up to the water tank and the waste water was hooked up to the septic. We have a pump and its hooked back up to the house. So we have water! Pretty hectic morning, but it all went to plan and ran very smoothly. While Matt and the excavator dug us a trench, Les, John and Will got to laying the pipes. The step down the back meant a lot of dirt had to be moved to bench it off as it was still pretty soft under there. Just after the truckload of agregate was dropped off and the fist bits layed, the council inspector turned up. He was happy and by 11:30am everything was being covered up again. John had ducked into town and picked up a pressure pump and some 40mm blueline to run back up to the house.

We had originally planned to run the electricity to the septic and garage in the same trench, but I'm glad we didn't because the schedule would have been mucked up. We'll have to get the dingo back one weekend and do a run to the garage site and one down to the septic.

th20081031_plumbing_04.jpg th20081031_plumbing_07.jpg th20081031_plumbing_09.jpg th20081031_plumbing_11.jpg th20081031_plumbing_14.jpg th20081031_plumbing_15.jpg th20081031_plumbing_20.jpg th20081031_plumbing_21.jpg th20081031_plumbing_24.jpg th20081031_plumbing_25.jpg

1/2 November 2008

Trev was away with Pete racing cars again on the Saturday. So I went down and tidied up. Spent the day sweeping floors and vacuuming.

Sunday we were back to hanging internal doors. Not so much fun! They're fiddly buggers of things. And with some of the gaps in the Kitome frames being up to 60mm needed some serious packing to get right. We were going along well, but then discovered another stuff up by Kitome. The bathroom and toilet doors have had the hinges put on the wrong side, so the doors don't open the way they're meant to. Looks like another call to them.

th20081104_doors_09.jpg th20081104_doors_10.jpg th20081104_doors_11.jpg

15 November 2008

After lasts weekends socialising we were back into things this weekend. Trev and Otto got the last of the internal doors hung. We sorted things out with Kitome. They'd told us the lift-off hinge door went on the bathroom. They meant to say toilet. Dopey buggers.

Then Trev started on the plastering. We've got the kitchen booked in on the 1st of December, so we need to get that area finished and painted before then.

On Tuesday the air-con guys were around. They got all the inside stuff in and sorted. So we've got a big unit hung up there and lots of silver ducting about the place. They ran the line to the outdoor unit down the wardrobe of bedroom 4. And we might have to get a block moved so we can put the outdoor unit somewhere other than under the house.

th20081115_doors.jpg th20081115_plaster_1.jpg th20081115_plaster_2.jpg th20081115_aircon_3.jpg th20081115_aircon_4.jpg th20081115_aircon_5.jpg

16 November 2008

Sunday Trev and I finished putting the joiner bits on the ceiling. I got to crawl around in the roof space above the dining room. Its a bit tight up there now. But all the insulation is in and we'll only need to get up there once more to sort the lights out. We stuck another coat of plaster on the kitchen area and started on the ceiling.

th20081116_ceiling_1.jpg th20081116_ceiling_2.jpg th20081116_plaster_1.jpg th20081116_plaster_4.jpg th20081116_plaster_5.jpg th20081116_plaster_6.jpg

21 November 2008

Now we've got a hot water service there. The guys stuck the solar hot water on the roof this morning. Looks ok up there, stands out a bit, and is a shame to spoil that beautiful roof with a big tank. But its the system that would work best for us.

th20081121_solar_2.jpg th20081121_solar_3.jpg th20081121_solar_6.jpg

22/23 November 2008

Trev and I finished off the backing bits on the joins in the ceiling, and layed out all the insulation. So the southern side of the house is nearly all done. We just need to get back up there to put lights in, and connect the air con ducting, and then we'll be finished up there completely. The rest of the weekend was spent putting a couple more gyprock sheets up along the other side of the big wall down the middle, and sanding. Sanding the ceiling, and the walls. Then more sanding. I'm really not enjoying that job. I think something I hate just as much is painting. And that's coming around soon too!

th20081128_ceiling_3.jpg th20081128_ceiling_4.jpg

1 December 2008

After a day off on Saturday for Dave and Kates wedding (congratulations guys) it was a slow start to Sunday. I made it down to the house in the end, and then spent ages looking for the paint roller. When Rob and Sharron were there for a bit of a sticky I noticed it over the edge of the verandah. Strange place for it! So after that I got cracking and painted the hallway from the loungeroom arch, past the kitchen and into the dining room with sealer/undercoat. There were a few marks that needed filling so once it was dry I sorted them out.

I took a day off on Monday and spent the day painting the ceiling in undercoat. Took a while and it was pretty hard on the old arms, but we got there in the end. I went back in the afternoon and patched up a couple of marks in the ceiling, and then stuck a top coat on the kitchen wall. Its come up nice. We can probably leave it at that, cause it'll be covered up anyway.

th20081130_paint_1.jpg th20081130_paint_2.jpg th20081201_paint_1.jpg th20081201_paint_5.jpg th20081201_paint_7.jpg th20081201_paint_8.jpg

4 December 2008

So after all the rushing around doing prep work it was d-day for the kitchen. We were heading to Canberra for the work xmas party but we managed to hang around long enough for it to start taking shape. It's look more finished than the photos show, but there were a couple of drawer fronts that were damaged, and they have to come back and put the glass splashback in. But we're very happy with it. I just hope we're as happy with it once we start using it!

th20081204_kitchen_1.jpg th20081204_kitchen_2.jpg th20081204_kitchen_3.jpg

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