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8 February 2009

The last couple of weeks the plasters have been in and finishing off the northern half of the house for us. It was spread out over a couple of weeks because he was fitting it in amongst other jobs he had. They also stuck the cornice up for us too. It finished things off beautifully. There were a couple of bits I wasn't happy with, but the guy came back and sorted them for us.

The plumbers also came back to hook up the water to the solar system. They fixed the floor wastes in the kitchen and bathroom. They also hooked up the kitchen tap, so there is water there now. Not that I want to use it yet. So its been covered up to hopefully protect it and the sink till we move in.

The kitchen guys also came back last week to sort out the rest of it. They put all the missing drawer fronts on and installed the glass splashback. They also cut the hole in the bench for the cooktop. So now dad can sort the wiring on that and we can put it in.

Meanwhile Trev had been very busy sticking architrave around all the bedroom windows. I got to masking and painting them all and Trev got the skirtings in the master bedroom underway. By the end of the weekend we had all the skirtings on there, gaps all filled. Just needs a bit of a sand and it'll be ready for paint. Excellent stuff! Dad was also down and did more fiddly bits with the wiring. Got all the switch and powerpoint holes tidied, hooked up the septic to its wire, soldered up the switch board wires, hooked up the earth wires, and a heap of other bits and pieces. So now once we've finished the painting he can do all the lights, switches and power points.

th20090121_plaster_1.jpg th20090121_plaster_5.jpg th20090208_kitchen_1.jpg th20090208_kitchen_2.jpg th20090208_plaster_2.jpg th20090208_plaster_4.jpg th20090208_plaster_5.jpg th20090208_plaster_6.jpg th20090208_architaves_4.jpg th20090208_architaves_5.jpg

13 February 2009

I took a day off today to try and knock over some painting. I managed to splash undercoat all over walls and ceiling in the main bedroom, walk-in robe and Maya's room. Its a start and good to knock over a couple of rooms.

th20090213_painting_01.jpg th20090213_painting_04.jpg th20090213_painting_09.jpg th20090213_painting_10.jpg

14/15 February 2009

Over the weekend I got a bit more painting done. I then started the job of filling all the gaps and nail holes in the architraves and skirtings. Trev and I carried on Saturday and Sunday and got the skirting and architaves done in all the rooms that we could. The ones left have to wait till after the floating floor goes in. So now they all need to be filled and painted too. That could take some time! The last job was to give the loungeroom a bit of a cleanup to move the excess rubbish and left overs out of the way.

th20090217_painting_02.jpg th20090217_painting_03.jpg th20090217_painting_06.jpg th20090217_painting_09.jpg

19 February 2009

During the week after the kids have gone to bed Carlyn and I have been going down painting. Carlyn got all the cornices undercoated, and I managed to get all the rooms (walls and ceilings) undercoated. I've still gotta do Talia's room, but need more paint cause we've run out. The next night I started giving the walls their first top coat. Got the master bedroom, walk-in, loungeroom and half of Maya's room done.

th20090218_paint_01.jpg th20090218_paint_02.jpg th20090218_paint_05.jpg th20090218_paint_06.jpg th20090218_paint_08.jpg th20090218_paint_09.jpg

We've also been having trouble choosing tiles. Carlyn has been and looked, then I went today and we've got a sneak peek of what we'll probably end up with. White on the walls, darker on the floor, with some sort of simple feature. They're not on the wall yet, so everything could still change!

th20090219_tiles_1.jpg th20090219_tiles_3.jpg

22 February 2009

I'd booked a week off work and dad had done the same. Dads plan was to come and sort the electrics, so I had to get painting and finish the ceilings and walls off ready for lights and powerpoints. The first few days were spendt painting and cutting in and painting again. I'm bloody glad dad helped me out, I would have been there for days if I'd had to do it myself.

th20090222_paint_01.jpg th20090222_paint_02.jpg th20090222_paint_04.jpg th20090222_paint_05.jpg th20090222_paint_08.jpg th20090222_paint_09.jpg

25 February 2009

Dad got me to the stage where I could just run around and do a few more top coats to finish rooms off. He got to sorting power points and light switches. Yesterday afternoon he started on the first of the lights. By today he had most of the lights in the kitchen and family room sorted.

th20090225_lights_3.jpg th20090225_powerpoints_3.jpg

26 February 2009

I helped dad with some wiring for the under cupboard lights in the kitchen. We had to get some wires to the transformers and then work out how we were going to switch them. I also went around and cut the rest of the holes in the ceilings for the lights and tastics in the bathrooms. After a morning run to Bunnings yesterday, with a stop for a coffee on the way home, we had the wood to build the wall around where we're going to stick the outside air conditioning unit. So while dad plugged away (no pun intended) with the powerpoints and lights, I made a start on the posts and walls.

th20090226_lights_3.jpg th20090226_powerpoints_2.jpg th20090226_powerpoints_3.jpg th20090226_air_con_site_1.jpg

27 February 2009

Friday morning and I finished off the air con enclosure. Pretty happy with it. I just need to trim the tops of the posts off. After that I helped dad fiddle about with the kitchen powerpoints and switches. We needed to get a switch in for the cook top and oven. We didn't just want to slap another switch panel somewhere, so we got a 2 switch and powerpoint one. It meant we had to pull the oven enclosure, route out another channel up the side, drill a hole through the kitchen cabinet and put it all back together and poke some wires through it. Sounds like a simple job, but it took some fiddling and a lot of time.

By the afternoon (dad had to go back tonight) we had it ready where we could throw the switches. After some hooking up in the meter box we threw the switches for the power point circuits. And bingo, all good, we have power! So we tried the lights. But it kept tripping. Dad said it was the ends that had not been stuck into the lights yet shorting out. So that evening when Carlyn and I went back down I went around separated all the ends making sure the wires were not touching. Then flicked the switches...and... we have lights! They look excellent and are really bright.

th20090227_air_con_site_1.jpg th20090227_deck_lights.jpg th20090227_oven_1.jpg th20090227_powerpoints_2.jpg

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