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30 January 2012

And then it was time for driveway. We were booked in for a 10am delivery, so all the concrete crew were here and ready. We had a call in the morning saying they'd broken their loading machine so there would be a bit of a delay. The first truck arrived at about 12pm. By which time I'd sent everyone else home again, and the truck was going to ring as he left, but he didn't. So there was a mad panic. The 3 trucks we'd booked all turned up at once, and we were madly unloading them. But because it was such a hot day (for a change) the bit at the beginning had started to go off by the time we got back to smooth it off. So unfortunately it's turned out a bit rough at the bottom. But stage 1 was complete.

th20120130_driveway1_02.jpg th20120130_driveway1_05.jpg th20120130_driveway1_09.jpg th20120130_driveway1_17.jpg th20120130_driveway1_23.jpg th20120130_driveway1_29.jpg th20120130_driveway1_35p.jpg th20120130_driveway1_36.jpg

31 January 2012

The next day was driveway, stage 2. 2 more trucks, but this time we took our time with things, and the weather was kinder. Apart from one or two light showers that marked things a bit. The top bit came up a thousand times nicer, and it was such a good feeling to get it all in and done after so much stuffing about.

th20120131_driveway2_3.jpg th20120131_driveway2_6.jpg

19 February 2012

In amongst all the wet and rain and mud I managed a couple of sessions on the wall. And now its all done. The posts have been trimmed too, so its looking good. Now I just need to get a heap of dirt and load up behind it. But its been too wet for that. I might steal the ute when Carol and Trev head to the US in March. One more job to add to the list now is to sort out the area in front of the shed and make it more usable. I need another load of roadbase to chuck on it once I smooth it out some. I also managed to get the bottom of the paddock mowed. It had been skipped since new years and was a bit too long and thick.

th20120219_wall.jpg th20120219_shed_area.jpg th20120219_grass_pano.jpg

9 October 2012

Wow. Where did those 8 months go! Not a whole lot to report either, which is a bit sad. We've been very busy all the same, hanging out with Tal, Maya and FLynn keeps up on our toes. We did get ourselves a nice new dining table. My mate Steve in Goulburn had some friends selling their setting, so we jumped in and grabbed it. Its awesome and was nice and cheap. July I managed to finally make a start on the extension to the rear boardwalk. We really should have done it when we did the rest in the first place, but what can you do. The frame went in in early September, but I had no decking timber left. I finally ordered some more the other day and it should be delivered soon. We also grabbed a new lounge. After visiting Box and Al in Cooma we loved their lounges. They said they got them from Harvey Norman, so we headed to south Nowra for a look. Turns out the guy told us the wrong price on the phone. It was wrong by $500, so we jumped at the chance and bought the 2 and 3 seaters. And now Maya's birthday is coming around its grass mowing season again. I nearly got it all done before Carlyn called me back in. The rest of the week looks like rain so it might be a while till its finished off. So there we go, we're all up to date again. Lets see how long it takes for the next update :)

th20120528_040.JPG th20120601_004.JPG th20120716_deck_extension_1.jpg th20120716_deck_extension_3.jpg th20120716_deck_extension_4.jpg th20120905_deck_extn_1.jpg th20120905_deck_extn_3.jpg th20120921-new-lounge-5.jpg th20121009_grass_1.jpg

23 January 2013

Only 5 months since the last update this time. Over October, November and December I slowly got the steps built for the deck extension. There was some grass mowing in amongst all this too, but not much cause it had been so dry. Which was lucky, cause the mower broke. The bearing on the input shaft of the gearbox blew up, and the shaft slapping about stipped all the gears inside it. I could get a new gearbox from JOhn Deere, but it was going to be about $800. I also found a mower wrecker in North Nowra, and luckily he had a rebuilt one sitting in his stash, so I got that for $450. But of course the rear wheels wouldn't come off the axles, so I needed to buy new wheels and tyres too. So $600 later, I chucked the new gearbox in. But the mower still has an intermittant electrical issue where it won't start, but then when it does it runs for hours with no trouble. I'm nearly ready to burn the thing. Ove the Christmas break I made another start on getting a wall along the front of the house built. By the new year I'd got some dirt moved, some holes dug, and posts concreted in. After months of dry weather and the tank getting down to half full, February brought loads of rain with it.

th20121029_steps_1.jpg th20121107-new-steps-1.jpg th20121107-new-steps-4.jpg th20121210_084.JPG th20121210_103.JPG th20130123_front_wall_2.jpg th20130123_front_wall_3.jpg

13 March 2013

Towards the end of January I finally decided that the old rally calendars needed hanging up. Better than having them stashed under the bed in their boxes. So the garage got a makeover. In amongst all the rain I managed to get the rails onto the front wall. By the end of Feb the wall was done and some backfilling done. But I need more dirt from somewhere. And then Carlyn wanted the steps down the bank done in time for our 40th party on May 4. So It was into that. And man that is proving a challenge. There is heaps of dirt that needs moving, and its all being done by me with a shovel. Its starting to hurt a bit and I'm only up to step 7 of 12! At least I'm getting lots of fill for along the retaining wall.

th20130129_calendars_7.jpg th20130129_calendars_8.jpg th20130204_front_wall_3.jpg th20130225_sunrise_1.jpg th20130225_sunrise_5.jpg th20130311_wall_2.jpg th20130311_steps_03.jpg th20130311_steps_09.jpg

The rest of 2013

And 2013 has been and gone with me not updating any photos. Its now September 2014 so I thought I'd better chuck a couple up. The rest of 2013 looked like below. There was some rain, the grass got long, and then got mowed. There was lots more progress on the steps and garden. They were finished for the 40th party. We found a display cabinet that we both liked, and fitted in the space. I made a coffee table for the corner between the 2 lounges. And as an early Christmas present we grabbed a brand new mower to replace the poor old busted one that was only working on and off.

th20130223_093.JPG th20130225_sunrise_2.jpg th20130406_steps_1.jpg th20130406_steps_2.jpg th20130409_garden.jpg th20130409_steps_2.jpg th20130409_steps_5.jpg th20130415_steps_1.jpg th20130430_garden.jpg
th20130430_grass_2.jpg th20130430_grass_3.jpg th20130430_steps_2.jpg th20130430_steps_3.jpg th20130609_flight_1.jpg th20130609_flight_2.jpg th20130609_flight_3.jpg th20130725_frost_1.jpg th20130815_cabinet_3.jpg
th20131022_coffee_table.jpg th20131119_table_3.jpg th20131119_table_6.jpg th20131119_table_8.jpg th20131119_table_9.jpg th20131216_mower_2.jpg th20131216_mower_5.jpg

Up to September 2014

2014 has just about been and gone now too. We're up to September so thought I'd better throw a couple of pictures up before the year finishes. We decided we wanted to get the kids bath water saved to use on the garden, so I went on ebay and bought a tank from up in Sydney. It was only $200, but a fair bit bigger than what we really wanted. No matter. Its actually under the deck now, but I haven't got pics. And its still not hooked up yet either. The front garden and steps were finished off, but I didn't get pics till a while after. So there is some more pics of them. Then we borrowed a horse of Tal's old preschool teacher, so needed to build a fence. We borrowed the neighbours paddock for a bit, and then got around to building the fence. Of course we picked just after we'd got 220mm of rain over 3 days. And Trev towing a strainer post down the hill with the Prado resulted in it getting bogged. So Chris Hedges brought an excavator and pulled him out, making a mess of my nice grass (not that it matters now the horse has clomped its way all over the boggy ground). As a bonus while the machine was here he sorted more out the front of the shed. So a bit later and me and a guy we met from the village (Glen who is a handy bloke and knows about building fences) sorted the rest of the fence and we moved the horse in there. Not too much more fiddling. I finally finished the fence on the vege patch last weekend, and Matt and I decided to put some hop plants in for our home brewing. Hopefully they'll go great guns and produce the goods. Hopefully with the weather warming up and days getting longer we can get a bit more time outside to do the million jobs that need doing.

th20140106_tank_3.jpg th20140303_garden_2.jpg th20140303_steps_3.jpg th20140303_steps_4.jpg th20140303_steps_5.jpg th20140329_prado_stuck_1.jpg th20140331_fence_1.jpg th20140331_prado_recovery_1.jpg th20140331_prado_recovery_7.jpg
th20140331_shed_front_2.jpg th20140331_shed_front_5.jpg th20140429_horse.jpg th20140502_fence_4.jpg th20140502_fence_5.jpg th20140915_hops_3.jpg th20140915_hops_4.jpg

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