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11 November 2009

I mowed the grass again last night and today. I love how it looks when its freshly cut.

th20091111_grass_1.jpg th20091111_grass_2.jpg th20091111_grass_3.jpg

14/15 November 2009

Trev and I managed to find a spare weekend, so he brought the tractor down so we could stick the absorption trenches in. We used his little setup to get the pipe just under the ground, and then hooked all up. I need to sort out some pits for the filters and the switch, and get some fittings to hook the hose up to the tank. I should get it inspected first too.

th20091114_poo_farm_1.jpg th20091114_poo_farm_5.jpg th20091115_poo_farm_3.jpg th20091115_poo_farm_8.jpg

16/17/18 November 2009

Started work on getting a bit of a garden together at the front of the house. We got a load of hardwood sleepers and I got to piecing something together. Kind of just making it all up as I went along.

th20091116_front_garden_1.jpg th20091116_front_garden_5.jpg th20091117_front_garden_2.jpg th20091117_front_garden_4.jpg th20091118_front_garden_1.jpg th20091118_front_garden_2.jpg

More septic setup.

th20091116_poo_farm_1.jpg th20091118_poo_farm_4.jpg th20091118_poo_farm_8.jpg

21/22 November 2009

It was time to start sorting out the baordwalk along the back of the house. Dad had taken a couple of days off and was down for a long weekend. The first 2 days we spent digging, shovelling, and wheel barrowing a hell of a lot of dirt out. We managed to fill in a lot behind the blocks. All this was done in 40 degree temperatures. It was a damn hot weekend. But by Sunday afternoon it looked like we were making progress.

th20091121_back_deck_1.jpg th20091121_back_deck_3.jpg th20091121_back_deck_5.jpg th20091122_back_deck_1.jpg th20091122_back_deck_3.jpg th20091122_back_deck_6.jpg

23/24 November 2009

Monday morning I got to sticking the posts onto their feet. We'd glued the based down yesterday evening, and then this morning I drilled into the concrete and bolted them on, and also screwed the post to the feet, and the tops to the posts. Then we set up the little verandah feet onto some joists, got them all level and concreted them in. And of course it rained again, turning the ground into a big sloppy mess. By the Tuesday afternoon we had the bearers on and some joists on too. We ran out of time to get any boards on, so we chucked some left over floor sheets on for now.

th20091123_back_deck_1.jpg th20091123_back_deck_5.jpg th20091124_back_deck_1.jpg th20091124_back_deck_2.jpg th20091125_back_deck_2.jpg th20091125_back_deck_3.jpg

25 November 2009

At the same time I've been trying to get this front garden done too. Made some more progress on it. Got some posts in so I can concrete them in to stop the thing moving.

th20091125_front_garden_1.jpg th20091125_front_garden_2.jpg

5 December 2009

Got the finishing touches on the garden. Its all done and I cleaned up around the holes for some concrete. It needs a bit of digging out to make it deeper, but after concrete she should be ready to go.

th20091205_front_garden_1.jpg th20091205_front_garden_3.jpg

6 December 2009

Today I got the rest of the bearers on and stuck a heap more joists in on the back deck. Still a couple more to do but I need to sort out the drain at the bottom while I can still get to it. And this morning mum and I got the mirror hung up in the bathroom too. Fingers crossed it stays there, its a heavy bugger and the hangers just make me a bit nervous.

th20091206_back_deck_1.jpg th20091206_mirror_1.jpg

22 December 2009

The other weekend I fixed up the rust on the footplates of the lawnmower while the deck was off. I'd stretched the belt a few days before, stranding the thing down the paddock. We loaded into the ute and took it up to the hoist in Trevs shed to stick a new belt on it. But before it all went back together I thought I'd clean the rust up. We got our Christmas present a bit early too, got a whipper snipper. I reckon it'll get a good bit of a workout too, hope its up to the job. And when mum was down last weekend she bought us a few trees for Christmas presents so I went and planted the lime and mandarin trees down the paddock. Hopefully they shoot up and don't get eaten by all the wildlife.

th20091213_lawnmower_1.jpg th20091222_whipper_snipper_1.jpg th20091221_trees_013.jpg

23 December 2009

Took some time this afternoon to mix up some concrete and stick it in the holes for the garden posts. She's all done now and ready to start loading up.


24 December 2009

Over the last couple of weeks I've been down in the shed most evenings sorting out a swing set for the kids for Christmas. Trev came down today to help me get all the bits of the jigsaw together. MAybe I should have made it out of something other than hardwood, it weighs a ton! It all went together well. In the afternoon I gave it a sand and a coat of decking oil. And then in the evening I managed to get the swings attached.

th20091221_swings_1.jpg th20091224_swings_2.jpg th20091224_swings_3.jpg th20091224_swings_6.jpg

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