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18 September 2008

A couple of afternoons during the week after Trev came home from work we got down to do some more cladding. We got through the ends of the verandah, and sorted out what to do with the door frame.

th20080918_cladding_1.jpg th20080918_cladding_4.jpg

19 September 2008

We had Mick lined up again for today. The plan was to dig the trench for the stormwater, septic, electricity, etc and do a few other bits and pieces around the place. But when I checked in with the plumber he canned the trench digging. So we just sorted out the area in front of the garage, dug a hole for the septic tank, and got access for the truck ready. We'll have to wait till the house is clad before doing any trenching.

th20080919_excavation_1.jpg th20080919_excavation_2.jpg th20080919_excavation_3.jpg th20080921_shed.jpg th20080921_septic_hole.jpg

20/21 September 2008

It was another weekend of cladding. Saturday Trev and I cracked on and finished off around the front verandah. Then Sunday it was on to the walls around the deck in front of the family and rumpus rooms. Its all done now, so there is only 2 walls left. Sounds simple but the long one at the back will take some doing, and the little one on the dining room will be tricky. Something to stand on out there might be nice! Dad was also back for another couple of days of head scratching and working out where to run wires for all the lights, switches, powerpoints, fans, etc. He's making good progress, and reckons a couple more days should have it sorted.

th20080920_cladding_1.jpg th20080920_cladding_3.jpg th20080921_cladding_1.jpg th20080921_cladding_2.jpg th20080921_cladding_3.jpg th20080921_wiring.jpg

2 October 2008

Last weekend (the 27/28 Sept) Trev and I cracked on with the back wall. After an early mark on the Saturday for Carlyn, Talia and I to go watch the rugby grand final, by Sunday afternoon we had it all done, except for 2 boards above the windows. We finished them off during the week, and then I took a day off on the 1st. Trev's mate Otto came back to help again, and between the 3 of us we filled in the gable above the bedroom, did the eaves up in the high gable, then filled it. Trev and Otto did the roof time while I did the cutting on the ground. I was the only one that could see the lines and the tape! Finally it was on to the front dining room. We raced through it but ran out of material before we reached the top. So there is about 6 or so sheets to go. Then comes the finishing off with quad, doing the trims around each window, and then painting. We want to paint the bits around the down pipes, that way John the plumber can come back and hook them all up to the tank.

th20081002_cladding_1.jpg th20081002_cladding_2.jpg th20081002_cladding_4.jpg th20081002_cladding_5.jpg

3 October 2008

What a flat out day this turned into! First cab off the rank was the septic truck. He arrived about 7:30, and while he got set up Trev and I loaded a dozen barrow loads of sand into the bottom of the hole. Then it was a simple matter of hoisting the thing up and over the shed, and plonking it in the hole. Done and dusted.

While Trev and I waited for the Kitome truck to arrive we finished off the last of the cladding above the dining room. So good to have all that finished.

Then at about 12 the Kitome truck arrived. Looking at it we though the load looked a bit light-on. Turns out the gyprock was coming locally, so the hassle we had getting a couple of extra helpers wasn't needed. Nice of them to let us know. But we quickly got the insulation, doors, jambs and ceiling battens unloaded, and by the time the truck had turned around the gyprock truck had turned up. Luckily for us they'd also sent 4 blokes to do the unloading. And it was a big job too, glad they were doing it. Plenty of sheets.

th20081003_septic_1.jpg th20081003_septic_3.jpg th20081003_septic_8.jpg th20081003_last_cladding_4.jpg th20081003_stage_2_2.jpg th20081003_stage_2_3.jpg th20081003_stage_2_4.jpg th20081003_stage_2_6.jpg th20081003_stage_2_7.jpg

7 October 2008

The school holidays were on, so I took some time off work, and Trev and I cracked on with getting some gyprock sheets onto the walls. Of course all the sheets we needed first were buried at the bottom of the piles. But we made a start at least. We also sorted the doors and the door jambs to work out where they all went. Seems Kitome stuffed up and didn't give us the master bedroom jambs. Thanks for that!

th20081007_gyprock_01.jpg th20081007_gyprock_02.jpg th20081007_gyprock_03.jpg th20081007_doors.jpg

9 October 2008

After some more gyprocking it was time to start on the ceiling. First up we needed to attach the battens, but that meant adding more wood into the trusses so we had something to screw the battens to.


11 October 2008

Busy old time over the weekend. Carlyn thought she was going into labour, so we had one last gasp go at the house. Trev got all hands on deck and while I was helping Carlyn out Trev, Otto, dad and Rex put up the first of the 6m ceiling sheets. There were more sheets put up on the walls as well, working towards getting the southern part of the house finished off. I found a few spare minutes and got the rest of the deck joists on too. So that's another job ticked off the list.

Dad was also down to finish off the electrics a bit. He spent a lot of time sorting out the junction boxes, and joining thousands of wires. Just about there with the electrics now. The plumbers had also come during the week and hung a heap of pipes under the house. The floor wastes and pipes are in, and the downpipes on. The plumbers just need to bring it all to the front of the house, then we can get the trench dug for the run down to the septic and the tank.

th20081011_ceiling_1.jpg th20081011_ceiling_4.jpg th20081011_entry_2.jpg th20081011_family_2.jpg th20081011_deck.jpg th20081011_electrics_3.jpg
th20081011_plumbing_2.jpg th20081011_plumbing_4.jpg th20081011_plumbing_8.jpg th20081011_house_2.jpg th20081011_house_3.jpg

19 October 2008

More ceilings and wall are on now. The area around the kitchen and dining is done, the lounge room and front hallway are also done. Big thanks to Otto for all his help. He's been along pretty much every day of the holidays and the weekends since. Dad also did more tidying up on the wiring, and then started the tricky bit of getting it all to fit into the fuse box. The plumbers also sorted everything out, and we're ready to get the trench dug to the tank and septic.

th20081019_gyprock_02.jpg th20081019_gyprock_06.jpg th20081019_gyprock_11.jpg

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