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16 June 2008

The last couple of weekends we've been working towards finishing off the verandah. Along with straightening the remaining rafters and finishing off the outriggers. On the long weekend we stood the verandah posts and got the header up. Trev and I spent the Monday climbing up and down ladders straighening trusses and finshing off outriggers.

Then last weekend we got the header finished off, cut all the verandah rafters and put then up. Then did some blocking in between them. And finally started on the battens. Its coming along, but still plenty of fiddling to do.

th20080616_verandah_1.jpg th20080616_verandah_2.jpg th20080616_verandah_3.jpg th20080616_verandah_4.jpg th20080616_verandah_5.jpg th20080616_verandah_6.jpg th20080616_outriggers.jpg

26 June 2008

Progress is being made, but its not the instantly visible stuff that we've been working on. Over the last couple of weeks I've put the last of the outrigger tie downs on, sorted the speed bracing out (with help from Pete), attached all the wall tie downs to the subfloor (with help from dad). All the little jobs that need doing before the roof goes on. Luke was penciled in to come down from Newcastle and do the roof on the 30th, but its going to be the 7th now. So I get a bit more time to finish things off. This gave me time to sort out the under roof insulation and get all the roofing pieces sorted out. Mick had his boys back to finish putting the blocks in place too, still a few to do, but getting there.

th20080624_roof_01.jpg th20080624_roof_05.jpg th20080624_roof_14.jpg th20080626_roof_batts_2.jpg th20080626_roof_stuff_2.jpg th20080626_blocks.jpg

7 July 2008

And finally the next major step was here. Luke and his offsider George (real name Mark, but that's another story) arrived from Newcastle at about 8 on Monday morning. And they were straight down to the block and into it. First up was to install the scaffolding so that they could walk around and do the facia and gutters. While Luke cracked on with the facias and gutters, George tidied up our valley boards and made the gable ends level. By days end we were ready to start the battening, but that was tomorrows job. I let the boys have an early mark, but only cause they'd been up since 4am!

th20080707_facia_gutters_1.jpg th20080707_facia_gutters_2.jpg th20080707_facia_gutters_5.jpg

8 July 2008

Another peachy day meant we made excellent progress and got the whole roof battened out. There was a bit more fiddling around the valleys and hips, but they all went in. We even had 5 left over. There were a couple of delays along the way, we had to take Lukes truck to town cause his back tyres kept going down. Seems they were the wrong tyres on there. But then they didn't have enough of the right ones, so we gotta take it back in the morning. That night over a few beers George whipped us up a set of temporary front stairs too. The man is a genius!

th20080708_battens_05.jpg th20080708_battens_08.jpg th20080708_battens_10.jpg th20080708_battens_16.jpg th20080708_battens_03.jpg

9 July 2008

A bit cloudy today, and the chance of showers. But we made a start on the roof sheeting. We got the verandah and under the front gable done. Luke did some excellent freestyle work where the gables meet the verandah. It looks really neat. A bit before lunch me and George took the truck back in, chucked some tyres on it and got pies while we waited. We worked through lunch cause the weather wasn't looking promising. And around 3 the first spots of rain began to fall. So no more roofing. We sat in the shed for a bit, and George modified his stairs so they were more comfortable to walk down. He reckons he was too drunk to get them right, but I reckon it was cause he'd had to do it in the dark. We packed up and came home. A couple of hours later and it was bucketing down.

th20080709_roof_01.jpg th20080709_roof_04.jpg th20080709_roof_06.jpg th20080709_roof_08.jpg

10 July 2008

Yesterdays rain had buggered off, but had been replaced by wind. It roared all night, but eased a bit when we went down this morning. We managed to sheet over the master bedroom and George sorted the gables out. But after these jobs we called it off. The wind had picked up again and carrying sheets would have meant a nice kite ride! Over lunch George mentioned that Luke was a gun welder, so we volunteered him to weld a couple of braces on the shed door. He had to swear and curse the welder and modify it before he could get it to work properly. Braces welded and rivetted, the door no longer rattles about in the wind. Rather than sit about and watch the wind blow the guys offered to help me out laying the verandah decking. So we cracked on with that in the afternoon.

th20080710_roof_2.jpg th20080710_shed_door.jpg th20080710_verandah.jpg

11 July 2008

The wind roared all night again, and was still blowing hard in the morning. Aparently gusts had been over 100kmh, and at Geroa a caravan was upended. So unfortunately no roofing today eitehr. But we got on with laying the verandah decking. By the afternoon we'd done the front entry side, and had made a good dent in the southern side.


12 July 2008

And then we got the perfect day that we needed. Hard to believe it was so ordinary the last 2 days. So we all got an early start and got set up for putting the long sheets on. I got to carry them from the top of the hill down to the house. That was a bit of fun, and there was no way we could have done it with breeze of any sort! Luke also trusted me with the shears, and I cut the hip sheets too. That was a bit of fun, and takes some practise to get right. But once we were sorted and got a bit of a system going the roof took shape very quickly. By the time knockoff came round they boys had got the first of the ridge capping on. Was a long day, and we'd all earned ourselves a beer, so we had a few.

th20080712_roof_02.jpg th20080712_roof_03.jpg th20080712_roof_04.jpg th20080712_roof_02.jpg th20080712_roof_06a.jpg th20080712_roof_06b.jpg
th20080712_roof_06c.jpg th20080712_roof_06d.jpg th20080712_roof_06e.jpg th20080712_roof_07.jpg th20080712_roof_10.jpg

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