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26/27 July 2010

Over the weekend I managed to get all the eaves done. Carlyn helped me while the kids were romping elsewhere and cut my sheets down. It was lucky I had a few spare sheets in the shed, as the eaves didn't quite come out at 300, they were a bit over. So instead of getting 2 out of each sheet I only got 1. So I have plenty of scrap left over. It was a bit tricky getting them up by myself, but I managed it with out breaking any. The only one I broke was once I'd finished and was moving the gable stud on the front.

th20100726_garage_eaves_1.jpg th20100726_garage_eaves_2.jpg th20100726_garage_eaves_3.jpg th20100726_garage_eaves_4.jpg th20100726_garage_eaves_6.jpg

31 July/1 August 2010

Dad came down and arrived at about lunchtime. I'd spent the morning doing something. It was only 2 days ago, but I can't remember. Trev and Carol were back from their holidays too, so Trev came down and the 3 of us cracked on with the cladding. Dad was cutting and me and Trev nailed them up. We got both side walls done in a couple of hours. Sunday dad and I kicked on with the back wall. The forecast was for big wind, and it was fairly calm early on so we wanted to get it done asap. We got to the top just before lunch. We left a gap at the top for the wind to get through while we have no doors on the front. Trev came down and we had a think about the access door while dad got into putting the wires in. We'd made the door opening 10mm too narrow for the door we have and the jambs I bought. So the simple fix was to rip 10mm off the edge of the door. That sorted it. So now I just need to finish off the sill, then I can put the jambs in and that wall cam be finished off. This week I need to work out garage doors so we can frame that and then get the front clad.

th20100802_garage_cladding_1.jpg th20100802_garage_cladding_2.jpg th20100802_garage_cladding_5.jpg th20100802_garage_cladding_6.jpg th20100802_garage_cladding_8.jpg th20100802_garage_cladding_9.jpg th20100802_garage_electrics.jpg

28/29 August 2010

I've been a bit slack over the last couple of weekends. We went down to Cooma for a ski on the 14/15 weekend, and then went to Eastern Creek with Trev on the 21st. In between times I did get bits and pieces done. I ordered the roller doors, so we knew what size the openings needed to be. I got some gable vents and put the one in the back wall and made the rest of the sheets fit around that. The PA door jamb in now in and the hinges on. I just need to skim a couple of saw blade widths off the height of the door, its a bit too tight. Next step was to frame up the roller door openings. I needed to make the gap in the middle bigger so that the remote opener motors fit in. So I had to take 90mm off each opening. And the height came back to about where we had it before we moved the head up. But that's all good. I also stuck the finishing bits around the door openings and then got the short sections cladded. I could have kept going, but I need a helper for the longer boards now. So we're getting there slowly. I need to get the front clad so that we can stick the ceiling gyprock in and gyprock the inside front wall so that we can put the doors and motors up.

th20100831_garage_01.jpg th20100831_garage_02.jpg th20100831_garage_03.jpg th20100831_garage_06.jpg th20100831_garage_07.jpg th20100831_garage_09.jpg th20100831_garage_10.jpg th20100831_garage_15.jpg

12 September 2010

After a weekend off having fun with Luke, Deb and Liam in Newcastle, I had an short weekend at the garage. Carlyn went to Sydney on the Friday, so I was looking after Tal and Maya on Saturday. But Sunday I got a couple of hours in. Cut the ends off the PA door and got the hinges on that and hung it. I only got it wrong once too. And then I juggled with the quad by myself and managed to get both sides and half the end gable done.

th20100917_garage_02.jpg th20100917_garage_03.jpg th20100917_garage_06.jpg

18/19 September 2010

Saturday morning I went and helped Trev lay the slab for the chook pen. Dad arrived at lunchtime and we got going on the rest of the cladding on the front gable. At 3ish Trev and Rex arrived and were keen for a bit of pain. Between us we got the roof gyprock sheets up. We only managed to break one. When I say we, I mean me. I thought we had enough screws in it to hold it so moved to help dad hold it up a bit. As soon as I let go, so did the sheet. Ah wasn't the end of the world. We cut that broken sheet down and put it at the side. And the broken bit will be above the roller doors.

Sunday dad and I got an early start and got on with the rest of the wall cladding. We needed a few blocks here and there so we had something to nail into, and dad chucked all the wall insulation in. Then we slapped a few sheets up. It all went very smoothly. It would have been nice to have 6m sheets for all the walls, but I had 5 4.2m ones in the shed left over from the house, so it was excellent to use them and get them out of the shed. Once all the walls were lined dad got the lights and power points all wired up. And by dusk it was all sorted. Looking good now. But next is the bad jobs, stopping up the gyprock and then more painting.

th20100919_garage_05.jpg th20100920_garage_lined_1.jpg th20100920_garage_lined_3.jpg th20100919_garage_08.jpg th20100919_garage_09.jpg th20100919_garage_10.jpg th20100919_garage_11.jpg th20100920_shed_space_4.jpg

7 October 2010

I took a week off work to try and get a bit done on the garage and get it ready for the roller doors going on. Best laid plans and all that, I didn't seem to make much progress. All I got done was to slap some base coat and top coat around the joints and corners of the gyprock. Seemed to take forever, and there is still a bit to go. I need to concentrate on the front wall so we can just get it ready and get the doors up. There's been a few interruptions lately with Denis and Leila's wedding coming up. Maybe in a couple of weeks we'll have made more progress.

th20101005_plastering_1.jpg th20101005_plastering_4.jpg th20101005_plastering_6.jpg th20101005_plastering_9.jpg

29 October 2010

Last weekend the garage had its first resident. Betty came and stayed for a couple of nights before and after I drove her to Canberra. Carlyn has been busy with the paint and has started the outside wall and got some on the walls around where the doors are going. Just need to get the cornice up before we start on doors. In between running about the place I managed to get a man hole surround built, and slapped more gyprock plaster around. I think I've got all the coats I need on now, just need to sand it all back and then touch up any holes. Getting close. I got the door brackets up too. Fingers crossed they're in the right spot. I measured and checked things about 20 times, but I'm still crossing my fingers.

th20101022_002.jpg th20101022_008.jpg th20101022_011.jpg th20101029_garage_3.jpg th20101029_garage_5.jpg th20101029_garage_6.jpg th20101029_garage_7.jpg

31 October 2010

Had a busy day on Saturday. I got Carlyns 2nd vege garden in and finsihed off. Then cause it was a nice hot humid day I thought I'd move 12 wheelbarrow loaded of dirt from in front of the shed up to the garage to build a ramp to get in. I used the Laser as a roller and then covered it in the left over gravel from the drain out the back. By lunchtime I had a neat ramp up into the garage. We need another ute load to cover the rest of the area in now. After that I got set up to put the rest of the gutters in. I worked out a plan, got all the tools and bits I needed together, and then got stopped by a clogged nozzle on the silicon. And I didn't have a spare one anywhere. By then Trev had arrived to give me a hand with the roller doors anyway. So we fiddled a bit, got the cornice up behind the doors, and got one door mounted. Sunday I spent the morning painting the front and the rest of the side. Looks much better now its all one colour. Then Trev came after lunch again and we got the other door up. And the Laser got to spend its first night in a long time in a garage. So some more sanding and painting inside, a floor clean and paint and she'll be nearly done. Just more quad to go up outside, more paint for the walls and PA door. We're getting there at least.

th20101031_garage_10.jpg th20101031_garage_11.jpg th20101031_garage_12.jpg th20101031_garage_13.jpg th20101031_garage_14.jpg th20101031_garage_15.jpg

18 November 2010

November has turned into a very slack month. Not much has progressed on the garage at all. We did get another ute load of gravel for out the front. Just in time for a massive storm to hit. There was water going every which way. We need to sort the drain down the side of the house for storms as big as this one, it wasn't coping very well. And the driveway got washed out a bit more.

As for the garage. Carlyn has put some more paint on the southern wall. And that's about it really. I need to pull my finger out and get the rest of the inside sorted. Otherwise its going to be like that in 10 years time! I have mowed the grass again last Saturday, that took up some time.

th20101108_063.jpg th20101108_072.jpg th20101108_073.jpg th20101108_074.jpg thpano_1.jpg th20101117_grass.jpg

9 December 2010

Been a bit slow recently. But I did managed to get another set of shelves built for the shed. Then spent a few nights doing some tidying up and reorganising down there to hopefully get some space back. Still some sorting and tidying to go, but its looking better than it was.

th20101125_shed_shelf_3.jpg th20101129_shed_1.jpg th20101129_shed_6.jpg th20101129_shed_shelf_2.jpg th20101203_shed_1.jpg th20101203_shed_2.jpg

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