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3 April 2009

More work by the tiler. He's be in the last couple of days and now has all the floors laid. He's coming back tomorrow to start on the skirtings, then next week will do the rest of the walls. Meanwhile in the evenings Carlyn has been painting more skirtings and architraves and I've been chiseling the glue of the floor joins and giving them a sand to flatten them out.

th20090401_tiles_1.jpg th20090402_tiles_02.jpg th20090402_tiles_03.jpg th20090402_tiles_09.jpg th20090402_floor.jpg

5 April 2009

There was a bit of stuffing about this weekend. Trev had gone and picked up all the flooring Friday arvo, so on Saturday I took the ute down and spent a couple of hours unloading that into the lounge room. I then went to DIY Timbers to pick up the stair timber that had also arrived. More unloading. Saturday afternoon we had Talia's 2nd birthday party, so we had soem time off. Sunday was spent cutting and fitting architraves in the tiled areas so that Steve the tiler could butt his tiles up to them.

th20090405_flooring.jpg th20090405_stairs_1.jpg th20090405_architrave_1.jpg th20090405_architrave_2.jpg

9 April 2009

I took a couple of days off to make sure the floor was ready to have the Quickstep layed on Friday of the long weekend. Lots of chiseling and sanding. It came up really well though. We hired a vacumn to clean it up, but it was rubish so I just used little red instead. Took a while. I also did some more cutting in on all the walls in the hope that we could get another coat on before the floor was layed. That never happened.

We're having fun trying to get the rangehood cover to go on too. The distance between the top and the roof was too short for the extension piece supplied, so we had it trimmed to the exact length. Trouble with that is, once its slotted into its groove you can't left the unit up over the mounting hooks. So we're going to have to take a bit more off it and probably end up with some quad around the top of it. Not ideal, but the only was we can think of to get it in.

And while I was stuffing about doing bits and bobs, Steve was sorting the tiling. By Thursday arvo it was all on. Just the grout to go. He was going to leave them over the weekend to make sure the adhesive was set properly. We're really happy with how they look. It should all change again when the grout goes in.

th20090409_floor_04.jpg th20090409_floor_08.jpg th20090409_floor_13.jpg th20090409_rangehood_3.jpg th20090409_tiles_01.jpg th20090409_tiles_02.jpg th20090409_tiles_04.jpg th20090409_tiles_06.jpg th20090409_tiles_08.jpg

10 April 2009

Brad the floor guy came along early and made a start with laying the floor. I did some final cleaning up while he got set up. And while he was getting the underlay out and the flooring down Trev and I made a start on the verandah balustrades. We got the top and bottom rails housed out. Then cut the rails to length. I whacked some paint on them before we put them up. They fitted together beautifully.

th20090410_new_floor_3.jpg th20090410_new_floor_4.jpg th20090410_new_floor_6.jpg th20090410_balustrades_1.jpg th20090410_balustrades_2.jpg

11 April 2009

Brad was back again this morning to finish off the floor. He had a bit in the dining room, rumpus room and the bedroom hallway left to do. Plus the trimmings around the kitchen and doorways. While he did that Denis and I ducked into town to drop off the dodgy vacumn and see what we could find in the way of balisters. There wasn't much to choose from so we returned. And then we were sent back to south Nowra again to get some so we could get them in. Bunnings cut them to length for us and we carted them home in the back of dads Focus. Denis painted the ends of them all while we marked them out. Then Denis and I got to putting them all in. It was an enjoyable afternoon really.

Dad was also down for the day. He got into finishing the power off. He attached the switches and powerpoint in the tiled areas now they were done. And he moved the powerpoint in the walk-in so we can fit a mirror there.

Brad had the floor done by mid afternoon. We need another saw blade to cut the trims around the kitchen, our chunky one chewed them too much. When we were done and standing back looking at how good the floor looked, Rex turned up with Meryn and a couple of beers. It was perfect timing. The floor looks excellent. Its a bloody exciting step to get done.

th20090411_balustrades_1.jpg th20090411_balustrades_2.jpg th20090411_balustrades_3.jpg th20090411_bath_lights.jpg th20090411_new_floor_3.jpg th20090411_new_floor_4.jpg th20090411_new_floor_5.jpg th20090411_new_floor_6.jpg th20090411_new_floor_7.jpg

20 April 2009

Dad and I spent last weekend playing around getting set up to do the deck. It would have helped if I'd been a bit more organised, but I had to drive about all Saturday morning picking up posts, saw blades bolts, etc. So we didn't start till after lunch. At least it wasn't raining like they said it would. We got all the posts rebated and mounted, and then cut some boards to go between them. That was it for our days work. Sunday started gloomy, damp and windy. We got rained out once, but after that it was just gloomy and windy. We started on getting the boards down. After some more stuffing about we managed to get 8 of the 44 runs down. Only 36 to go!

I also realised I hadn't taken any pictures of the tiles after the grout went in. We're very, very happy with the way its turned out. We've been busy in the evenings last week and this week painting more architraves and skirtings. Will this painting ever end!!

th20090420_deck.jpg th20090420_tiles_2.jpg.jpg th20090420_tiles_4.jpg.jpg

26 April 2009

I had Friday off work to get some painting done. Did a bit of that. Trev and I also boxed up the slab for the front stairs. We were going to mix the concrete ourself, but thought we'd give the concrete blokes a ring. They said they could be there by 2. $200 well spent I reckon! Saturday I borrowed the whipper snipper from Carol and set to work cleaning up under the front of the house. It was plenty thick down there! The TV antenna man was also around to hook up our outlets and put up the antenna. I spent the afternoon putting up the last of the architraves. Or I thought it was the last of them. It turns out I can't count and need to cut 2 more.

Sunday I notched out and put the last 2 verandah posts up. Then after lunch I got into more whipper snippering. I did the whole western and southern sides of the house, and it was a jungle out there. After 3 hours I had to call it quits cause it was getting dark. Looks much better now though. Except we've got massive piles of grass now. Monday Ron and Alli were down till just after lunch. So I had a nice late start. Got the last 2 architraves cut and painted, did another coat around the ensuite wall, and then went and finished the whipper snippering.

th20090426_deck_4.jpg th20090426_stair_slab_1.jpg th20090426_architraves_1.jpg th20090426_architraves_2.jpg th20090426_kitchen_1.jpg th20090426_kitchen_3.jpg th20090426_mowing_2.jpg th20090426_verandah.jpg

29 April 2009

Another quick update. The shower screens got put in this morning. They look excellent. Just need some vanities to arrive and then we can get the plumber back to stick the taps and toilets in.

th20090429_shower_screen_3.jpg th20090429_shower_screen_7.jpg

3 May 2009

Saturday was a slow day cause we'd hada couple of drinks too many on Friday night. Pete was down from Sydney so I blame him :) I went round and countersank all the nails in the architraves. Carlyn did more painting. After lunch I made a start on painting the stair strings. These were going to be white. I got a couple of undercoats on them. Saturday afternoon Carlyn, Talia, Maya and I went to Matildas 2nd birthday party. Was nice to go out as a family.

Sunday more paint on the stairs, top coat this time. While I was waiting for paint to dry I put the downpipe back on the deck, and made some braces for the deck posts. After lunch we got distracted by some car racing, so didn't get back down there till 3. Trev and I cracked on and got the stairs up. The tread recesses were a little tight, so while I cut all the treads to length Trev made the holes bigger. It all went together fairly easily. We even got the middle stringer mounted.
th20090504_stairs_2.jpg th20090504_stairs_4.jpg th20090504_stairs_5.jpg

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