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14/15 May 2010

We had our plans ready for the garage, so I got some timber delivered and Trev and I cracked on and got the frames whipped up. The cutting took a little while, but putting it all together was nice and easy. Gotta love that nail gun! By close on Saturday we had all 4 walls done. They still need some ties and bracings sorted, but looking good.
Sunday I finally got around to filling in the trench where the septic is. Was a lot of digging cause the dirt that had come out of the trench was nicely compacted and had plenty of grass over it. Got it all done and ran the mower over it to neaten it up. I have got an issue with one of the banks of pipes though. It doesn't seem to want to go up the pipe and just comes out the end of the breather. Looks like I'll have to dig that section up again. Damn it.

th20100514_frame_timber.jpg th20100515_garage_frame_3.jpg th20100515_garage_frame_7.jpg th20100517_trench_filled_2.jpg

22/23 May 2010

I got some more timber delivered during the week and Trev and I got started on the trusses. With a lot of fiddling later we had one truss done. This was going to be our template one. More fiddling and we had a jig set up for the circular saw to cut the 27 degrees in the bottom chords. Sunday we managed to do yet more fiddling and got all the webbings cut. A combination of the drop saw and band saw got us out of trouble. Then we banged them all together with gang nails. I need to get some more and some bigger ones too, but there is enough to hold them together. Carlyn then gave us a hand and we got the wall frames stood up and nailed together.

th20100523_trusses_1.jpg th20100523_trusses_2.jpg th20100523_trusses_5.jpg

29/30 May 2010

I spent this weekend putting the tie down bracings around the walls, drilling holes for the tie down bolts, and getting the damp proof coarse under the frames. It was more than I was expecting to get done with the weather forcast the way it was. I also made a start blocking in the lintel above the roller door opening too.

th20100530_garage_bracing_1.jpg th20100530_garage_bracing_3.jpg th20100530_garage_bracing_6.jpg th20100530_garage_lintel.jpg

5/6 June 2010

Had a kinda quiet weekend this one cause it was my birthday. Dad and I built the last 2 trusses, the dropped ones for the end. That took some time fiddling with the angles and sorting the webbings. Still waiting on the big gang nails to come in so we can nail the suckers together. In the spare time I had I filled in the lintels above the garage and PA doors. And then made a start on drilling the tie-down bolt holes for the frames.

th20100607_garage_frame_1.jpg th20100607_garage_frame_2.jpg th20100607_garage_bolted_1.jpg

12/13/14 June 2010

Long weekend this one. Our big gang nails arrived during the week, so Saturday me and Trev banged all those in. Chris Hedges also came and fixed the storm water pipe we busted when doing the slab piers. He also made a start on tidying things up. But is coming back with a load of big rocks before doing too much more. I got one more hole drilled in the slab on Saturday before the Lynchmob arrived from Canberra. After heading to the beach on Sunday Drew, Trev and I got the trusses up on the roof and stood in (rough) position. That was a good job for 3 people that one. When Drew and family had left on the Monday I finished off bolting the frames down, and then tensioned up all our straps and nailed them on.

th20100615_garage_1.jpg th20100615_garage_6.jpg

19/20 June 2010

Bit of an interrupted weekend this one. But we still got a bit done. Trev and I managed to position and straighten all the trusses, so they're in the right spot now. I started on the tie down straps, and also notching in for the outriggers in the dropped trusses at the ends. I ran out of gang nails before I finished though. Hopefully by the end of next weekend we'll be close to finishing the framing off and we can get it inspected.

th20100621_garage_1.jpg th20100621_garage_3.jpg th20100621_garage_5.jpg

25 June 2010

Trev had a carpenter staying at the cottage and roped him in to put a door on for him. And then we jumped on the bandwagon too. Craig came along this morning and swapped the front door over to the new one. He did a top job, and the newe door looks awesome. Now I need to finish off the door jamb, it needs paint. Thanks for taking time out of your break to help us out Craig, we really appreciate it.

th20100625_front_door_1.jpg th20100625_front_door_2.jpg

26/27 June 2010

It was another interrupted weekend, so only got a few hours in on the garage. I managed to finish bracing the roof on Saturday, speed brace and all. I also made a start on getting the outriggers into the gables. Sunday I finished that job off and did some measuring for the gables studs before bad light stopped play. Now to work out what we need to get the roof on it.

th20100627_garage_1.jpg th20100627_garage_2.jpg th20100627_garage_3.jpg th20100627_garage_4.jpg

3/4 July 2010

Had a good crack at the garage this weekend. Saturday I filled in the walls on the roller door wall, and then set about sheet bracing the whole lot. Took some time, and I ran out of nails in the end, but its all on. Then after that I cut and attached in the gable studs. Talia was out there helping me most of the day. She was even able to hand me tools and bits of wood. And held the ladder for me so it didn't tip. Maya also came out for a bit too. Its harder with her there cause she loves climbing the ladder. Its a bit hard to catch her when I'm at the top of it!
Sunday I was going to try and get the battens on the roof. Took me ages to actually work out what the hell I was doing, but I started by cutting the ends of the trusses plumb at the right distance. Rex dropped in and lent an hand for a couple of hours which was very handy, and we managed to get all the battens up. I ran out of screws before I could finish them off, I think I only counted one side of the roof! Next step, work out the timber facias on the gables, then we can start on the steel facias, guttering, then sheet the bugger.

th20100705_garage_2.jpg th20100705_garage_3.jpg th20100703_tal_garage_1.jpg th20100703_tal_garage_2.jpg th20100703_maya_garage_1.jpg th20100703_maya_garage_2.jpg

10 July 2010

I spent Saturday morning getting the outriggers for the facias level and straight. Then Rex dropped in and gave me a hand to put the front facias up. Was definitely a 2 person job! The rest of the day I spent cutting off some, putting blocks in others and lining up the shed end so it was straight.

th20100714_garage_1.jpg th20100714_garage_2.jpg th20100714_garage_5.jpg

15 July 2010

Luke was coming down on the weekend to put the roof on, but I still had the other facia to go. So Thursday I had an extended lunch break and this time Carlyn gave me a had to lift the shed end facias into place. They all went on ok, and looked straight. I just hope now that the roof is all square so the sheets go on ok.


16/17 July 2010

Luke and family arrived on Friday at about 2:30. And we got straight into putting the facias and gutters on. It was about now that Luke pointed out a bit of a problem. The gutters I'd ordered were 6.6m long when they needed to be 6.8m. I dunno what happened there, the ridge and facias were both right, but for some reason I stuffed the gutters. Damn it! We had to whip up some temporary scaffolding to make it a bit easier. After the facias and (short) gutters were sorted we pushed on into the dark and Luke fiddled about with the barge rolls. He got sick of working from the light on his drill so we called it a day. Slacker :)
Saturday was a peach of a day and we got back into the roof. Luke finished off the barge rolls while I blocked in the shed side gable. Then the sarking went on, and after that it was time for some sheets. The southern side went on beaut, 8 full sheets and a small cut on the 9th. The northern side was ok, but something was a bit out of square so there had to be some fiddling. We got it all on though. Luke did put a dint in one sheet, so we spent some time dragging a spare sheet out from under the house. Of course the one we wanted was right at the bottom of the pile. We managed to find one that wasn't scratched and cut it to size and slipped it in. Then the ridge went on and we were done!
With a few hours left in the day we decided that we needed some more height in the garage door openings. Plus the southern one had a big sag in it that I wasn't happy with. So we knocked it all out and started again. Looked much betting in the finish.
So a bit thanks to Luke for coming down and putting the roof on for us. Once again you did a bloody good job and I'm really happy with it.

th20100717_01_garage_facias.jpg th20100717_02_garage_facias.jpg th20100717_03_roof_sarking.jpg th20100717_05_roof_sarking.jpg th20100717_08_roof_sheeted.jpg th20100719_garage_roof_1.jpg th20100719_garage_roof_4.jpg th20100719_garage_roof_6.jpg th20100719_garage_roof_7.jpg th20100719_garage_doors_1.jpg

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